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From scratch: Cheese-stuffed tuna patties

I don’t really have a reason why I made these patties the day I made them. We just had a bunch of tuna stocked in the pantry and I was jonesing for something fried. And wouldn’t you know, turns out, people all over the world have been cooking up these things called tuna patties, so I decided to try them out myself.

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From scratch: Tuna omelette

As much as I love having pancakes for breakfast , I do enjoy the occasional egg to start the day with. Scrambled’s my go-to style because it’s fast and easy, and I can’t stand runny yolk (don’t hate me, but the stuff makes me gag, which is weird because I used to love it as a kid). If I’m feeling up for the challenge, I go for a well-done sunny side-up (I say challenge because despite liking the yolk cooked all the way through, I like to keep it intact, which can be quite a task). But recently, wanted to see how far I can push myself when it comes to fancy schmancy cooking, so I decided to make a proper omelette.

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Southern food crawl, part 2: kobe toshi and spicy tuna salad at Sushi Ninja

For the next leg of Zomato Philippines’ Westgate Alabang food crawl, we walked a few meters from Bugsy’s Bar and Bistro to Sushi Ninja, a restaurant that boasts of injecting modern flair into traditional Japanese favorites. As I haven’t been to this place before, I was looking forward to giving it a shot, especially considering I’d been craving good Japanese food that week.

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