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Visual Inspiration: Oatmeal

The entire day¬†before this breakfast, I overdid the eating, so I thought a light breakfast would be in order. Didn’t keep me from loading it with a couple of add-ons, though.

EatPlayLog Visual Inspiration Oatmeal
Rolled oats with bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, and chocolate

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In photos: New Year’s Day in Subic

While having Media Noche on January 1, a bunch of us at home decided that after we had some sleep, we’d take a drive to Subic after lunch, maybe do a bit of shopping, have some dinner and coffee there, and then come back home. But the afternoon trip turned into an overnight stay when we found ourselves booking a hotel for the night.

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In photos: a very beachy Halloween

Last year, my family and I thought it would make sense to spend Halloween at the beach. OK, that’s a lie; when we called to make a reservation at La Luz in Batangas, we forgot it would be the Halloween weekend and booked anyway. We didn’t care that it was the rainy season, either. We just wanted a few days away from the city. (This trip is different from the one we took in early¬†2015, by the way. We just really like this beach so we keep coming back.)

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In photos: Christmas with altitude

First, I think some apologies are in order. I know I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been crazy busy during the holidays and even after that. I have to say, I did miss sharing some stuff here, so I’m going to try to update my blog a bit more regularly starting now. (I’m not calling it a resolution; resolutions are delusional statements you’re expected to break a couple of weeks into the new year.)

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