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A taste of Mexico in Parañaque at Papi Chulo’s (restaurant review)

I know I owe you the last part of my Sagada experience, but for some reason, I’m feeling a little burned out about that. I promise I will get back to that, but for now I want to squeeze in a couple of other things first just to change things up and hopefully get myself back on track. I haven’t written a restaurant review in a while, so I’ll start with that.

The only reason why we came here was the place we originally wanted to try was packed and we wanted to try something new. My sister was the one who suggested Papi Chulo’s, a place we were constantly passing to get somewhere else.

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From scratch: Lucban longganisa quesadillas

To anyone who’s familiar with the Philippine delicacy, Lucban longganisa is amazing. They’re mini link sausages that are salty with a nice kick of garlic, which I prefer by a wide margin to the Kapampangan version (which is basically meat candy). Plus this savory little treat is so versatile, you can eat it on its own, as an indulgent accompaniment to your choice alcoholic beverage (a.k.a. pulutan), with some rice and fried egg for a filling breakfast, or use it as an ingredient to improve or create a dish. It was my desire for the latter that got me to go one night where no man has bravely gone before (as far as I know): Lucban longganisa quesadillas.

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