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A serendipitous experience at Villa Estrella Resort Hotel (hotel review)

(Okay, so when I was looking through my travel photos, I realized that I hadn’t reviewed the hotel a companion and I stayed at during last year’s trip to La Union, so pardon me while I put off the Davao hotel posts for another day and tackle this one first.)

First of all, let me just say, when traveling somewhere, I make it a point to do a bit of research on the place where I’m going so I don’t look like a sitting duck when I get there. But excitement caused one of the biggest oversights I’ve ever made as a traveler. I was so looking forward to trying out surfing again that I overlooked an important detail while searching for a place to stay: the location. Yup. Travel 101, right? Stupid, stupid me.

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Surf’s up at La Union

It’s been four months since I took my trip to La Union with a friend, and I haven’t felt up to writing about it until now, so I hope you won’t mind a little bit of prattling. I’ll try to keep the chatter to a minimum, especially since the photos are a lot more interesting.

I’ve actually been to La Union years ago (with my sister and her friends), but we did nothing but eat and get beat up by the waves as we foolishly tried to swim at the beach. This isn’t my first time surfing too; I went to Siargao a few years ago where I got my first taste of it. I wiped out more times than I got to stand, but, as any surfer will tell you, it’s pretty addicting. So when the opportunity came to pay the province a visit again, I took it. This time, I went with fellow Motley Crew-er Dani (for reference, consult our group’s Alkan and Palawan trips), who has also been raring to go back to La Union for some surfing.

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