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From scratch: Copycat Whatchamacallits

With the Cebu series out of the way, I thought I’d break the monotony by sharing a recipe I recently did. Be warned, candy bar lovers: this is so simple, you might find yourself making it more often than necessary.

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From scratch: chocolate chip banana waffles

Wow, I have not been doing right by you. I feel like I’ve been letting you guys down, not updating my blog more often (and soon enough), so I’m glad to buckle down and do this now. I’d like to start with a bit of honesty: I made these waffles a while back, so it really should have been up months ago. So now that that’s out of the way…

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From scratch: No-bake crispy chocolate and peanut butter pretzel bars

Summer vacation is here, and so are my nephews. They’re spending a couple of weeks with us, passing the time watching Skylander Academy, playing dominoes, destroying things on Xbox, moving to Just Dance, petting my sister and her husband’s puppies, and doing all other things that 11- and 7-year-olds find entertaining.

Like most kids, they can be picky eaters sometimes, so I consider it a personal victory when they come over and eat (and enjoy) food that I make for them. So far, I’ve been successful in having them eat homemade pancakes (thank you, Alton Brown), and my chicken and mushroom tomato alfredo pasta. Yesterday, I thought I’d try making them something similar to the no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars I’ve made before, with a twist.

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From scratch: Chicken and mushroom tomato alfredo pasta

(After those long travel posts, I thought I’d change it up with a food post this time. I’ll post my review of the hotels we stayed at in Davao soon, don’t worry.)

Tomato Alfredo pasta is perfect for those who like the tangy flavor of tomato and the richness of cream. I’d never tried making it before, so I decided to give it a shot one afternoon for lunch over Christmas break.

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From scratch: tuna salad

My quickest go-to meal is a sandwich if I don’t feel like having a meal with rice (a common component in any meal in the Philippines), and one of my favorite savory kinds is the simple but tasty tuna salad. I usually make a huge tub of it and keep it in the fridge so I don’t have to start from scratch every single time I want one (and because people in the house seem to enjoy the recipe I’ve been using for years).

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From scratch: Cheese-stuffed tuna patties

I don’t really have a reason why I made these patties the day I made them. We just had a bunch of tuna stocked in the pantry and I was jonesing for something fried. And wouldn’t you know, turns out, people all over the world have been cooking up these things called tuna patties, so I decided to try them out myself.

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From scratch: no-bake chocolate peanut butter bars

Remember a while back when I wrote about three YouTube channels I like to watch when I’ve got time to spare? One of them is a food channel called Home Cooking Adventure produced by home cook Ella and her husband. I get glued watching her make her food because, aside from the excellent quality of the videos, she makes the procedures seem so easy that she makes even the most culinary-challenged novice feel they can pull a Remy.

Image via BuzzFeed.com

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From scratch: Champorado

I didn’t grow up wanting to cook. It was just something I picked up watching my parents and older sister. I eventually developed a bit of a knack for it (or so they say), but never really thought of making a career out of it. Sure, I entertained the thought for a while, but that never really panned out because I didn’t take it seriously enough (and I grew up being very easily influenced by others). Cooking only made  me happy when I’m not being pressured into it, so turning it into somewhat of a regular hobby was perfect.

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