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From scratch: Spaghetti and meatballs

Full disclosure: in all the years I’ve been an amateur cook, I’ve never made spaghetti and meatballs. Shocking, I know. Anyone with the most rudimentary kitchen skills should be able to pull this off, right? My culinary arsenal is stocked with various pasta dishes, but was woefully missing this one. That is, until a few days ago.

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From scratch: Copycat Whatchamacallits

With the Cebu series out of the way, I thought I’d break the monotony by sharing a recipe I recently did. Be warned, candy bar lovers: this is so simple, you might find yourself making it more often than necessary.

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From scratch: mango almond granola bars (UPDATED)

Now, from reading the things I usually make, you probably know that I’m not the most disciplined of home cooks, and therefore the food I make are not the healthiest of dishes. Remember my longganisa quesadilla? Mighty tasty, but probably not the best thing for your heart. But lately I’ve been trying to expand my repertoire with food one might consider healthy. And that’s what brings me to today’s snack: mango almond granola bars.

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From scratch: No-bake peanut butter cookie dough bars with cookie crumb crust

If you’ve noticed from my latest posts so far, I’ve been having way too much fun making no-bake desserts. I can’t help it; they’re easy to make and I don’t have to bother with the oven. I suppose I’ll have to tinker with actual baking some time, but for now, here’s another no-bake  treat you might want to try out too. (Sorry about the superfluous title; there is no other way to describe these delicious monsters.)

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A taste of Mexico in Parañaque at Papi Chulo’s (restaurant review)

I know I owe you the last part of my Sagada experience, but for some reason, I’m feeling a little burned out about that. I promise I will get back to that, but for now I want to squeeze in a couple of other things first just to change things up and hopefully get myself back on track. I haven’t written a restaurant review in a while, so I’ll start with that.

The only reason why we came here was the place we originally wanted to try was packed and we wanted to try something new. My sister was the one who suggested Papi Chulo’s, a place we were constantly passing to get somewhere else.

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From scratch: Chicken and mushroom tomato alfredo pasta

(After those long travel posts, I thought I’d change it up with a food post this time. I’ll post my review of the hotels we stayed at in Davao soon, don’t worry.)

Tomato Alfredo pasta is perfect for those who like the tangy flavor of tomato and the richness of cream. I’d never tried making it before, so I decided to give it a shot one afternoon for lunch over Christmas break.

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From scratch: tuna salad

My quickest go-to meal is a sandwich if I don’t feel like having a meal with rice (a common component in any meal in the Philippines), and one of my favorite savory kinds is the simple but tasty tuna salad. I usually make a huge tub of it and keep it in the fridge so I don’t have to start from scratch every single time I want one (and because people in the house seem to enjoy the recipe I’ve been using for years).

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From scratch: Cheese-stuffed tuna patties

I don’t really have a reason why I made these patties the day I made them. We just had a bunch of tuna stocked in the pantry and I was jonesing for something fried. And wouldn’t you know, turns out, people all over the world have been cooking up these things called tuna patties, so I decided to try them out myself.

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Visual Inspiration: Oatmeal

The entire day before this breakfast, I overdid the eating, so I thought a light breakfast would be in order. Didn’t keep me from loading it with a couple of add-ons, though.

EatPlayLog Visual Inspiration Oatmeal
Rolled oats with bananas, blueberries, peanut butter, and chocolate

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