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Is this the new Chowking?

Let’s get this out of the way first: Chowking, a fastfood chain offering Chinese dishes, isn’t exactly known for having the nicest ambiance. More often than not, their branches tend to squeeze in as many tables as they can to accommodate their ever-burgeoning crowd who flock the chain for their good prices and decent selection. It’s not really my go-to for quick food (I’m more of a McDonald’s girl), partly because of the ambiance. But can I say, I think I just found the best-looking Chowking branch I’ve ever visited.

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Good old Chinese food at Hap Chan (restaurant review)

To be honest, this isn’t my first time dining at a Hap Chan, but it is my first time actually dining at the place from the point of view of a pseudo food critic. Last time I ate at one of the restaurant’s branches, I remember the food being delicious, so it wasn’t really with apprehension that I went with my family a few weeks ago, this time at the BF ParaƱaque branch.

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