My 1st time at 2nd’s (restaurant review)

I had an opportunity to eat at 2nd’s recently during a work-related event. I have to admit, I’d never heard of the place before so I didn’t know what to look forward to. I didn’t even know what the place looked like from the outside; my co-worker and I actually missed it on the first try.

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Let’s try this again (Part II)

I know what you’re thinking: she just posted a few minutes ago and she’s at it again? I told you I’m very good at prattling.

I just wanted to apologize for my somber tone earlier. I guess in my attempt to convince you and myself that I’m taking this round seriously, I unknowingly morphed into someone from a Wes Anderson movie. Don’t worry, beneath this seemingly humorless shell beats the heart of an actual human being.

And it may not look like it now, but I can be funny too. You’ll see. (I hope that didn’t come off as a threat.)

And now that I’ve groveled my way back into your good graces, I’ll try not to let you down. So here we go again.

Let’s try this again

I’ve started blogs before. I created accounts, filled them with things that I thought would hook others, and tried in vain to keep them updated only to find myself giving up after only a few months.

This time, things will be different. I’m going to try harder to keep this one alive. I’m going to fill it with things that don’t just pique your interest but mine too.

And I’m going to drill these words into my head until they stick.

This, my nth attempt at an online diary, will be my foray into everything: food, trips, books, movies, you name it. I must warn you, though, that I tend to prattle, so I hope you bear with me.

If you’re ready, here we go.

Rinse. Repeat.