Cebu, Part 7: Mission accomplished (sort of)

When I set out to do this solo Cebu trip, my aim was to actually experience Cebu as a adventure-seeking, water-loving tourist. Did I achieve that goal? For the most part, yeah, which is why despite my unfortunate Kalanggaman experience, I did feel wistful when the trip had to come to an end. Thanks for sticking around for this last of the series.

When I woke up on my last day at Malapascua (and my Cebu trip), the weather hadn’t really improved. In fact, after checking out early at around 6, I had to hang around this small cluster of shaded carinderias for some coffee and to wait for the worst of the rain to let up.

When the rain had come to a light drizzle, I started walking back to the beach where tourist arrivals and departures took place. I bought a ticket for the boat that would take me to Maya Port and hung around to wait for other passengers. Fewer than 10 of us left the island together through—thankfully—calmer waters (the weather had greatly improved by then). I spoke with one of the locals to ask about buses headed to the city and she was kind enough to entertain my inquiries. I gotta hand it to the people here in Cebu, they sure are accommodating of lost tourists.

EatPlayLog Cebu vacation
Taking a small boat to the boat bound for Maya
EatPlayLog Cebu vacation
Why couldn’t the weather be this calm yesterday?

In Maya Port, an air conditioned bus was waiting. When the local girl and I boarded, we were pretty much the only ones on the bus. Luckily, though, the driver didn’t wait around to fill his ride; only a few more passengers boarded before we set out for the road.

EatPlayLog Cebu vacation
On the road to Cebu City

A few hours, a handful of bathroom breaks, and dozens of bus stops later, I was at the Cebu North Bus Station. From here, I hailed a cab for SM Cebu, where I had lunch and coffee, and basically wasted time until my flight later that night.

SM Cebu is serviced by MyBus, a fleet of buses that travel between malls and the airport, so I didn’t have to worry about making it on time. At about 4, I paid for my ticket and hopped onto the next bus out and left for the airport.

EatPlayLog Cebu vacation

EatPlayLog Cebu vacation
Inside the MyBus

I didn’t have time to buy pasalubong earlier in the trip (save for a couple of magnets), so I stopped by one of the shops inside the airport, grabbed as many dried mangoes and otap as I could before settling into a seat with my dinner (of pandesal that I bought earlier during my ride from Maya to Cebu North; I wasn’t really that hungry). At around 8:30, it was time to go.

EatPlayLog Cebu vacation
Until the next one


As always, here’s a rundown of my expenses:

Manila-Cebu round trip via AirAsia (including taxes, fees, and seat preference) – Php1,966.00

Day 1
Multicab from Airport to Gaisano Mall – Php8
V-hire from Gaisano Mall to SM Cebu – Php25
Jeep from SM Cebu to Cebu South Bus Station – Php10
Bus to Moalboal – Php135
Meals + random expenses – About Php230

Day 2
Solo Moalboal tour – Php2,500
Random expenses – About Php120

Day 3
Tricycle to bus stop – php50
Bus to Cebu City – Php125
Taxi to Leope Hotel Php130
Leope Hotel – Php1,350
Jeep from hotel to Parkmall – Php7
Taxi from Parkmall to hotel – Php65
Meals + random expenses – Php250

Day 4
Cab from hotel to Cebu North Bus Station – Php54
North Station fee – Php10
Bus from North Station to Maya Port – Php220
Boat from Maya Port to Malapascua – Php130 (additional Php30 to leave right away)
Meals + random expenses – Php320

Day 5
Kalanggaman Island tour w/ lunch – Php950
Dinner + random expenses – Php200

Day 6
Small boat to big boat – Php20
Big boat to Maya Port – Php100
Maya Port to Cebu North Bus Station – Php220
Taxi from bus station to SM Cebu – Php60
MyBus from SM Cebu to airport – Php25
Meals + random expenses – About Php800

TOTAL: Php10,080

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