Bohol, Day 4: ‘Til the next time we say goodbye (plus video)

Took a while, but we finally made it to my last day at Bohol. Don’t worry, it won’t take long at all. Before we get started, feel free to read Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3. Thanks for sticking around.

So, this is it. After years of pining after Bohol and finally getting here, the time to part ways has finally arrived. Of course, I can’t do that until I’ve had my fill of food from that day’s breakfast buffet, which I sat down to after taking a few more photos of the hotel. No bacon this time, but those pancakes were pretty damn filling.

eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran ocean suites hotel breakfast food beach view
My last full meal in Bohol

I didn’t plan on going out this morning since my flight leaves a little before 3PM, leaving no time for any more tours. That was fine with me; I was happy just staying in the room until check-out anyway (I didn’t even consider swimming in the pool again that morning). I left my room only one other time to pick up some pasalubong at the stores next door. After stuffing everything into my already stuffed backpack, I checked out at 11 to take advantage of the hotel’s free airport transfer.

eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran ocean suites hotel infinity swimming pool beach
Inviting, but no
eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran ocean suites hotel
Almost time to go…
eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran ocean suites hotel
…but not before getting pasalubong

I got to the airport at about 12:30, plenty of time to do, well, nothing much. Had ramen for lunch, fiddled with my phone, answered a survey a couple of people (I’m guessing they were college kids) were passing around, and basically just sat there. Then, it was time to go.

eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran airport
Hello, fellow travelers
eatplaylog bohol day 4 tagbilaran airplane flight
Until we meet again

So, Bohol was a pretty good way to kick off my summer. And when I say good, I mean fucking amazing. Even without that nasty second-degree burn on my leg, this is one trip that’s going to be hard to forget, not that I’ll ever want to do that. Besides, there are so many other things I want to be able to do when I come back someday, like swim at Mag-Aso Falls and scuba dive at Balicasag Island. Until then…

And for your patience, here’s a little video I made of the trip. I’m no expert (all photos and clips were taken on my phone, where I also did the editing), so you’ll have to excuse the quality:

Oh, yeah, before I go, I have another order of business: my expenses. Here’s a breakdown of how much I spent on my trip, just to give you an idea in case you plan on going soon.

Manila to Bohol – Php616
Bohol to Manila – Php431
Total (with add-ons, taxes, and fees): Php1,674.20 

Alona KatChaJo Inn (2 nights) – Php2619
Ocean Suites Boutique Hotel (overnight) – Php2464
Total: Php5,083

Countryside tour (van and driver only) – Php500
Tarsier Conservation entrance fee – Php60
Chocolate Hills entrance fee – Php50
Twin Bamboo Bridges entrance fee – Php20
Loboc River Cruise (with lunch) – Php450
Island hopping tour (boat and guide only) – Php500
Balicasag Island entrance fee – Php250
Turtle Sanctuary – Php200
Total: Php2,030

Day 1 breakfast (McDonald’s) – Php78
Day 1 dinner (Payag Restaurant) – Php207
Day 2 lunch (T3 Bar & Grill) – Php240
Day 2 dinner (Dunkin Donuts) – Php90
Day 3 lunch (McDonald’s): Php85
Day 3 dinner (room service): Php250
Day 4 lunch (airport): Php50
Total: Php1,000

Tricycle (airport to BQ Mall) – Php20
Habal-habal (Alona Beach to Dumaluan Beach) – Php80
Habal-habal (Dumaluan Beach to Alona Beach) – Php30
Habal-habal (Alona KatChaJo Inn to Ocean Suites) – Php150
Tricycle (Ocean Suites to BQ Mall) – Php50
Tricycle (BQ Mall to Ocean Suites) – Php40
Total: Php370

Total (Pasalubong, tips, toiletries, snacks, etc.): Php1,000

GRAND TOTAL (drumroll please): Php11,157.2

I did the tour alone, so if you’re going with other people, many of these costs (food, transportation, etc.) will definitely be much less. Also, tricycle fares depend on how honest the driver is, how well you haggle, and how much research you do beforehand.


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