Davao, Night 1: Pacific Palm Suites (hotel review)

On our first day in Davao, we stayed at a small accommodation called Pacific Palm Suites. According to Agoda, Pacific is affordable and accessible, two of the things that were important to us because we were doing this trip on a budget. Looking at online photos, the place seemed nice too, and reviews were generally positive, plus it came with breakfast, so we agreed to book a night’s stay.

Located along Mamay Road, Pacific is only seven minutes away from SM Lanang by car. In both directions, you’ll find restaurants, convenience stores, banks and other establishments, many of which can be accessed on foot, so there’s no questioning its great location.

There’s a small restaurant at the lobby where you can eat, hang out, or use the free WiFi. Emphasis on the “small;” the staff had to bring our breakfast to our rooms because they ran out of tables even though as I recall, there were only about 15 diners at the time.

An overnight stay in an air-conditioned deluxe twin room with hot shower and cable TV was just less than Php1,500. That came with breakfast (they actually had bacon!), as well as two rounds of coffee for each guest, which was a plus for me. In the room were basic toiletries, towels, complimentary water, mugs, and a kettle. Price-wise, it gets another point.



The room isn’t that big; it really is designed just for two people. If there had been three of us, it would’ve been a tight fit. On the other hand, there was a closet, so at least we weren’t resigned to keeping our stuff on the floor, so floor space isn’t much of an issue.

There isn’t a phone in the room, so I had to go to the front desk for any requests or inquiries. But the hotel’s pretty small, so unless you’re a sloth, it won’t be a long walk. So far these aren’t really big issues.


Here’s a pretty big concern: I feel like the room wasn’t cleaned enough before we checked in. If you’ll notice in the photos, one of the beds had what looks like baby powder on the runner. That was there when we got there, but we were so tired and wanted a nap that we just shrugged it off (and eased the thing off the bed instead). Now it’s making me wonder what else they skimped on when preparing the room.

Another issue I had was the water pressure from the shower was pretty weak. I felt like I had to take a longer shower just to make sure I was completely clean.


Still, if you look at it as just a jump-off point to the more interesting sights of the city, you won’t mind these shortcomings as much. For the price and location (as well as the nice staff), I’d call it a fairly good deal for budget travelers.

Overall rating: ★★★☆☆

Pacific Palm Suites
Mamay Road, Lanang, Davao City

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