When kids turn seven (guest post)

My nephew celebrated his 7th birthday over a month ago, and being that this age is considered somewhat of a milestone, his parents decided to throw him a pretty big celebration, with a cotton candy stand and photo booth and everything. While his mom (my oldest sister) and my other older sister did a stellar job of putting the party together, it was successful in large part due to the suppliers that they hired. Sister Number 2—Justine Cariola-Cruz—was in charge of dealing with them before, during, and after the event, so I thought it would only be appropriate to have her as my very special guest for this blog post. After the jump, you’ll be reading her review of the suppliers.

The venue: Max’s Restaurant (Scout Tuazon, Quezon City)
My sister was the first to contact them, but I transacted with them a lot too before the party. This restaurant’s staff was hands down the most courteous I’ve ever come across! All correspondences were swift, efficient, and the staff were amenable to reasonable client requests. Bam, in particular, was very patient with all customer inquiries.

Good eats

Function Hall C of the Ruby Hall was very clean and everything was already in order, with just a few touch-ups that were done pretty quickly about 45 minutes before the event. They assisted with any and all of our needs on the day of the event, and were available as early as around 7:30 AM! We felt very taken care of, as there were staff ready to answer questions, point directions towards the bathrooms, refill chafing dishes, turn down the lights for AVP, etc. It felt like all of the available staff were assigned to our party hehe.

Photobooth: Heaven’s Events
During my correspondence with Heaven’s Events, all my messages were replied to in a timely and courteous manner. Like Max’s, they were amenable to reasonable client requests (I requested for a pencil-booking instead of a half-payment to secure the date), and they accommodated every question I or my husband, Coj, had. On top of being very attentive and courteous (particularly when they were working with Coj on the picture layout), the rates are affordable and reasonable.

Because smiling’s overrated. For some people, anyway
The finished product

On the day itself, Heaven’s Events, led by owner Aubrey Felismino, arrived on time, toting with them photo booth props that were clean and up-to-date (there were signs/dialogue boxes that had ‘trending’ statements on them, hehe). They also proactively encouraged guests to take their pictures at the booth.

Entertainment: Dexter ‘Clownie’ Lopez and face painter JR
These guys were very easy to talk with; swift transactions every single time, answered all my questions, proactive with reminders about the party, and all messages were replied to in a timely and courteous manner. Another great thing about them is they also asked for no down payment for their service, which, for me, is a testament to how good they are with what they do. The price they offered for the package I availed was affordable and reasonable, too!

Iron Man graces the party

They were more than prompt on D-Day; they arrived earlier than agreed-upon time to ensure that everything was set up 30 minutes before the party started. The balloon décor was more than expected: the cake arch, the two stage pillars, the centerpieces, the entrance balloon arch – they even added alphabet mylar balloons to spell out the celebrator’s name. They made the function room and the feel of the party even more exciting!

Dexter the host/magician
Easy does it

During the program, Dexter transformed into Clownie and delivered wholesome jokes (his punchlines were relatable to kids), all the while keeping the energy up throughout the event. A plus: he “blessed” Ethan. Given that the family is Catholic, for a supplier to do that was something special. JR was equally efficient – the kids were highly satisfied with his face painting.

Other edibles: SweetServices Party Foodcarts
To say that SweetServices is responsive would be an understatement: my first question was answered so efficiently that all the details I needed to know were laid out and we were booked within minutes. Communication after that was just as easy; all messages were replied to in a timely and courteous manner. They also didn’t require a down payment and the rates are, you guessed it, affordable and reasonable.

The team arrived earlier than the agreed-upon time and made sure they were set up 30 minutes before the start of the event. The cotton candy and French fries booths looked clean and well-maintained, and the utensils and cookware were all clean and organized. The people manning each booth were very courteous as well. The cotton candy was the bomb and while I didn’t get to taste the fries, they got great feedback from the guests, even comparing the taste to that of a widely-known brand that’s just around the…corner.

Photography: Redscale Studios
One supplier I didn’t book but always have the pleasure of working with is Redscale Studios, owned by my cousin and photographer extraordinaire, CJ Cariola. My sister, naturally, invited him and his fiancée to the party, and because it’s the only way to go, hired him to take photos of the occasion.

The birthday boy, Ethan Matthew, as captured  by Redscale Studios
Behind the scenes with photog CJ Cariola

Redscale Studios will always be the better choice: they are professional, they arrive on time, they make sure their “subjects” are relaxed and feel comfortable working with them, and they take pictures with depth and emotion. Back when I planned and coordinated events for a living, I had a client who had already booked a different photographer, but cancelled it upon seeing Redscale’s work. That’s how good they are. (Me: Except for the Heaven’s Events photo booth image, all of the photos in this post are by them)


At this point, Justine’s left the building; it’s me talking now. And I have to confirm that what she said about these suppliers are true. They were instrumental in making the party successful because of their great service and ability to communicate well (if you’ve read my previous posts, you know that I tend to be honest about my reviews, so trust me when I say I’m not getting paid to promote them; I just really appreciate their services). If you’re interested in hiring them for your next event, below are their contact details:

Max’s Restaurant
21 Scout Tuazon, Brgy. Laging Handa, Quezon City
Tel. No: 3751032 / 3751052

Heaven’s Events
107 West Ave Brgy Bungad, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel. No: 09987903174

Dexter “Clownie” Lopez
Tel. No: 09326003285 / 09152129714

SweetServices Party Food Carts
Roxas District, Manila, Philippines
Tel. No: 09177964099

Redscale Studios
Unit 1203 Skyway Twin Towers North, Henry Javier St., 1600 Pasig
Tel. No: 09778094805

At the risk of sounding like starlets guesting at a noontime show expressing gratitude to their hair and make-up artists amid recorded audience applause, we want to thank all of these suppliers wholeheartedly for making the event go as smoothly as possible.

All images, unless otherwise stated, belong to eatplaylog.wordpress.com. If you want to share them, please include credit and a linkback. Thanks.


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