Is this the new Chowking?

Let’s get this out of the way first: Chowking, a fastfood chain offering Chinese dishes, isn’t exactly known for having the nicest ambiance. More often than not, their branches tend to squeeze in as many tables as they can to accommodate their ever-burgeoning crowd who flock the chain for their good prices and decent selection. It’s not really my go-to for quick food (I’m more of a McDonald’s girl), partly because of the ambiance. But can I say, I think I just found the best-looking Chowking branch I’ve ever visited.

This one’s located close to Greenhills Shopping Center. According to Google, the exact address is 1503 Annapolis Street, San Juan, Metro Manila. Admittedly, I have a couple of staples I just have to have when I go to Chowking (can I get a round of applause for the beef chow fan and the Chinese-style fried chicken?), but this time, I’m more in awe of the restaurant itself.

Usually, Chowking has more of a white interior with those uniform plastic orange chairs. This one was—for lack of a better word—trendy. I forgot to take a photo of the facade, but here are some interior shots:

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 1

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 2

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 3

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 4

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 5

And some of the food we ate, of course:

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 6
The can’t-get-enough-of-it beef chao fan with lumpiang shanghai
Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 7
Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 8
Yang chow with steamed siomai

And if I may add, the staff is also very friendly and patient, especially when accommodating my sister’s specific food requests. Could be that the place wasn’t really packed when we came in, but I’ve been to places where service was bad even when we were the only ones dining. Then again, that could be the reason why those places were empty…

I do have to call Chowking Annapolis out due to the unfortunate layout of their underground parking, though. With those severe ups and downs, it was like being in a roller coaster, but not in a good way.

Could this redesign of sorts be the dawn of a new Chowking, or was it designed to accommodate the area’s specifically young and hipster-ish foodies? Either way, its contemporary style is enough to merit a visit when you suddenly feel the urge to scarf down some halo-halo. Or that mmm-mmm good beef chao fan.

Chowking Annapolis EatPlayLog 9
Last look before it disappears

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