Almost finding peace at Kai Lodge (hotel review) – UPDATED

I’ve been seeing Kai Lodge for a while now since we decided to go to Bataan for a quick getaway. People keep talking about how peaceful it was there, so we thought it would be a perfect place to escape to.

Kai Lodge is located in Bataan IT Park, and is surrounded by trees. The park’s a great area for morning jogs (or strolls, depending on your stamina). It’s a bit abandoned-looking, but they say plans are on-going to revive the area, so maybe the whole park will be fully functional in about five years.

Kai Lodge family room 12 EatPlayLog
Being one with nature

The inside of the family/barkada room looks a little like a bunker, so if you’re just looking for a place to sleep in after a long day of going to beaches and other tourist attractions, this works very well.

It does have a lot of upsides, though. The room has a total of seven single beds, two toilets (both with bidets), two showers with hot and cold facilities, and two sinks. The TV’s also equipped with cable if you want to watch something during your down time. There’s a door that connects it to another room, but it’s kept locked. The noise carries both ways, though, so don’t be too loud.

Kai Lodge family room 2 EatPlayLog
Not in photo: two more single beds
Kai Lodge family room 4 EatPlayLog
No need to fight for the shower…
Kai Lodge family room 3 EatPlayLog
…or the toilets…
Kai Lodge family room 6 EatPlayLog
…or even the sinks.

You can use the kitchen and barbecue grill for a price, though they do offer complimentary breakfast if you stay for more than a night. There are also a couple of pools within walking distance of the room, and they have bikes for rent if you’d rather go around the park on wheels. If you’d prefer the beach, they offer complimentary passes you can pay for access (Php 250 per adult, Php150 per kid) to the paradise-like Blue Turtle Cove, which you can get to easily if you have a private vehicle, though you can always rent a car from them. The staff’s also very nice and accommodating. They respond well to requests, and even text you directions on the day you’re coming over.

Morong Bataan vacation 3 EatPlayLog
Check out my Morong, Bataan post for more on Blue Turtle cove.

Just a couple of not-so-good things we did encounter during the stay. When we got into the room, one of the beds already had occupants in it: black ants, and a lot of them. Inside one of the bathrooms were even more black ants. We went to the front desk and told them about it, and they immediately sent someone over to fix things. Quick response, I’ll give them that, but still, it’s not something you want to walk into if you’re tired and hot from travelling and you just want to crash.

Kai Lodge family room 5 EatPlayLog
Ants. Ants everywhere.

Also, the split-type air conditioner wasn’t working. Imagine being in an enormous room with a bunch of other people and having a single regular air conditioner struggling to bring the temperature of the room down during a stifling summer’s day. Yep, it was pretty hot in there. What they did was they brought in a stand fan to cool the end of the room where the A/C could hardly reach. The room only got cool enough by the evening (we had to keep it on the whole day), and was only really cold at dawn.

Kai Lodge family room 7 EatPlayLog
The busted split-type air conditioner
Kai Lodge family room 9 EatPlayLog
The little air con that (hardly) could

Also, the room doesn’t have a phone for calling the front desk or connecting to the outside world. No mini-fridge, either; you can ask the staff to keep your food and drinks in the fridge in the kitchen, though. They provide towels and toilet paper, but no other toiletries. (I guess I missed the room phone; according to my sister, there was one.)

Having said that, I wouldn’t mind coming back. Why? There’s something about the peacefulness of the place that appeals to me. If you relish the idea of getting lost in an isolated accommodation surrounded by nature, you’d understand that these little nuances are worth looking past. I’m not saying the staff shouldn’t get their shit together and fix these issues, but don’t let them scare you away from experiencing the place, either.

Overall rating: ★★★✭☆

Kai Lodge
UN Avenue, Bataan Technology Park, Inc., Morong, Bataan

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