10 reasons why Valero Eat Street might make me go home late

Anyone who knows me would understand, being an introvert and a homebody, how much I prefer staying indoors (except when I’m traveling to distant lands, which is what I call any place that requires the use of NLEX/SLEX, but that’s different). I’m the kind of person who usually goes straight home after work, so it goes without saying that I’m not one to go out for drinks on a regular basis. For me, it’s kind of hard to beat curling up with a Neil Gaiman or getting absorbed with “Criminal Minds”.

But when I saw what’s in store for attendees of the upcoming Valero Eat Street, it actually got me curious enough to want to go. Happening on March 11, 2016 from 11AM to 10PM at the Signa Designer Residences in Makati (at the corner of Valero and Rufino), it promises to be a party extraordinaire for foodies and booze hounds alike. Here are a couple of things I found that just might make me miss my self-imposed 10 PM curfew.

Eat St PR image 1 featured image

1. It’s going to be a feast of international proportions
The list of restaurants reads like a UN programme. Participating in the event are Bait’s, Crisp on 28th, Pink Panda, Pizza Morena, Ancho Mexican Cantina, BAO.MNL, Crunchybelly by Carlo’s Kitchen, Wagger, Alternative Food Lab, Pepi Cubano, Streetside Bakers, Saddam’s Shawarma, Snag Box Gourmet Hotdogs, Ice Pops Manila, Bits&Dips, RibsManila, Ricefix Cafe 162, Taco Vengo!, Serbs MNL, Native Gourmet, and Takao, so it’ll be easy to find at least one thing that’ll satisfy you, whatever your culinary fancy.

2. The beer will keep on coming
I said I don’t go out drinking, but I never said I don’t drink. And for a “pop that beer bottle, hold the wine” kind of person, this is as inviting a come-on as it gets.

3. You have an excuse to drink at 11 AM
The festivities will start at 11 in the morning, and they say the beer will be flowing all day. You do the math.

4. Heads will roll
I might be exaggerating, and I might not, since I don’t know how competitive the players at Takao’s Beer Pong and Zomato Philippines‘ Flip Cup Tournament will be. I personally won’t be joining, but I think it’ll be exciting enough for me to sit back, relax, sip my beer, and watch inebriated yuppies make fools of themselves in public.

5. The band will play on
To be honest, I have no idea who Aeon Mapa, Shirebound and Busking, DJ Pasta Groove, and Keiko Necessario are, but I’ll have a listen in. If you’re like me and you’re thinking about expanding your music knowledge, so should you.

6. I might win something
They say there’s going to be a raffle, and who says “no” to free stuff?

Eat St 2 PR image 2 resized

7. The location’s convenient
Signa Designer Residences is only a few minutes from my office, and the venue itself is close to a whole bunch of other places you probably feel like checking out after you’ve had your fill at this one. Plus it’s an al fresco venue, so if alcohol makes you hot (and not in that manner), it won’t be a problem.

8. You might make new friends
Drinker? Check. Foodie? Check. There, you’re on your way to meeting like-minded people who might share the same interests as you (beyond what you put in your stomach). I don’t know how well I’ll fare here, but if this is your cup of tea (or beer, so to speak), don’t forget to drop by.

9. You could learn new tricks
Save for practicing your pick-up lines, here’s a perfect place for you to learn a useful trick if you’re into hosting parties. Celebrity chef Erwan Heusaff’s going to offer a cocktail mixing demo, and everyone knows a well-mixed drink is a better icebreaker than “Are you tired. Because you’ve been run…” No, I can’t even finish this one.

10. It’s better than fighting Friday night traffic
Be honest: would you rather sit in traffic for hours, hungry and tired, or would you rather wait for the road congestion to pass by eating your weight in all kinds of grub?

Eat St PR image 3

So as much as I prefer staying indoors like a hermit armed with the remote control or a good book, if I know an event’s worth attending, I’ll go (and crawl back into my hole as soon as it’s over). If you’re a little more outgoing, you’re most likely going to have a great time.

If you’re going to be in the area, feel free to waltz in for a swig or two. And now here’s where I turn into a mom: if you’re planning to check out the event, drink responsibly, OK?

All images, unless otherwise stated, belong to eatplaylog.wordpress.com. If you want to share them, please include credit and a linkback. Thanks.


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