Quick fix: McDonald’s Sausage McGriddle

When McDonald’s Philippines announced late last year that they were bringing the McGriddle back, I was surprised because I wasn’t even aware when they brought it over to the country the first time in 2014. Safe to say, trying out this faddish breakfast item, which seems to have brought so many sandwich lovers to their knees, is long overdue.

To be perfectly honest though, my desire to give it a test drive wasn’t all that strong to begin with. First of all, the bun supposedly tastes like pancakes. That would’ve been fine, but the idea of biting into it together with a savory sausage kind of turned me off. Eventually, my curiosity got the better of me, so one morning, I finally forked over Php 92  for a Sausage McGriddle a la carte and took one to the office.

Upon opening the wrapper, you’re greeted with a sandwich that’s about half an inch smaller than a Sausage McMuffin all around, which immediately knocked points off with me. Then came the first bite…

Sausage McGriddle resized

…and I wasn’t floored. I thought it would be life-changing, the way people had been singing it praises. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t all that special. Also, I actually thought it tasted better when you ate the elements separately (Buns first, then patty. Or the other way around).

I personally don’t think it’s worth that amount of money (the price surpasses the hundred-peso mark once you get the value meal or the other sandwich variant); I would’ve been happier with a Sausage McMuffin with coffee and some change in my pocket.

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