In photos: From bibingka to bags at the BF Saturday Market

I’m introducing another feature to my blog which I’m calling “In photos” for stories I feel would be best told in a collection of images. To start with, I’m interrupting my “food crawl” series with a short entry about my recent visit to the BF Saturday Market. Recently opened this year, it’s the latest addition to the Saturday Market craze in Metro Manila, where bargain hunters and food lovers are promised a different alfresco shopping and dining experience every time.

BF Saturday Market 8
Stalls at the BF Saturday Market sell everything from books to wine to clothes to even vegetables.

Occurring every Saturday from 7AM to 2PM, the BF Saturday Market in BF Homes, Parañaque offers everything from food to books to even utensils, which means you’ll definitely find something to keep you interested. It’s held at the neighborhood’s Elizalde Park, so you can go at it while your kids get to spend time at the playground instead of standing next to you, sighing with boredom.

BF Saturday Market 1
No need to worry about dragging along a kid who’s died of boredom while you shop

Like most weekend markets, the BF Saturday Market basically centers on food, as evidenced by the open dining area in the middle of all the hoopla, where you can carry your latest food discovery and eat to your heart’s content. Restaurants there offer everything from Italian food to Filipino street food to sweet treats. But enough talk. Here are some photos I managed to take before the weekend crowd started rushing in:

BF Saturday Market 7
Make friends with fellow foodies at the dining area. Or enjoy your meal alone. Your choice.
BF Saturday Market 2
Haven’t eaten suman in a while, and these were incredibly fresh
BF Saturday Market 3
I pointed out a bag that I really liked, and it turned out to be the stall owner’s. Story of my life
BF Saturday Market 5
From the farm to your table indeed
BF Saturday Market 4
If you ever feel like your dining table’s getting boring
BF Saturday Market 6
There was no way we would leave the market without trying these
BF Saturday Market 9
Even fresh meat and fish are available here
BF Saturday Market 10
The bibingka and puto bumbong just outside the park was our last stop for the day

If you plan on stopping by one of these days, its located at Elizalde Park, 37 Pilar Banzon St., BF Homes, Parañaque.

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