An all-American breakfast at Ritchie’s Diner (restaurant review)

Sometimes I feel like I was born in the wrong era. And in the wrong country. As much as I enjoy the occasional tapa or lucban longganisa for breakfast, there really is nothing like having a massive stack of pancakes and strips of crispy bacon sitting in front of you at 7 in the morning waiting to be devoured. That’s why I was stoked when my cohorts for the day decided to finally give Ritchie’s Diner a shot early one morning. I mean, nothing screams all-day breakfast like a diner, right?

Ritchie’s Diner in BF Parañaque may look small on the outside, but it actually looks like it can accommodate at least 70. The interiors are, as expected, bright and diner-y; you know, bright yellow walls, stuffed booths, tiled flooring, etc. The staff’s incredibly nice and accommodating, and offered helpful suggestions to patrons who can’t decide on what to get.

ritchies 1

From their quite sizeable menu, we picked blueberry waffle, peach pancakes, and steak and eggs, and a side each of bacon and sausage. I was pumped when I learned that their coffee’s bottomless from 7 to 11 AM. But one sip told me I wasn’t going to get unlimited refills. I’m a big coffee drinker, so starting my breakfast with a cup of substandard brew was a big letdown for me.

ritchies 2

The blueberry waffle was big and fluffy, so polishing off one piece (which I failed to do so because of my limited stomach space) is definitely enough to render you immobile afterwards. I loved that they actually have bits of blueberry in them, and just for good measure, they topped the disc with even more blueberry. Just a couple of things: as wonderfully soft on the inside as it was, I wish the waffle was crunchy on the outside. Also, instead of whipped butter as the menu promised, they served it with ordinary butter, which wasn’t bad but just a bit disappointing. All things considered, though, it was a pretty good waffle I wouldn’t mind ordering again.

ritchies 6

The peach pancakes were just as big and fluffy, and they put peach slices in each pancake so you know you’re getting the flavor of the actual fruit.

ritchies 3
You can’t see it, but there are actual peach slices embedded into the underside of each pancake.

I was pretty impressed by how tender and nicely seasoned the strips of steak were in the steak-and-eggs plate. Paired with the simple herbed rice, it’s the perfect dish for those who absolutely need rice in the morning.

ritchies 4
My brother-in-law was nice enough to offer me a piece of steak before he cleaned up his plate in minutes.

The bacon and sausage were just as nice; their saltiness perfectly jibed with the sweetness of the pancakes and waffles. And the bacon strips actually held their crisp even about twenty minutes into the meal.

ritchies 5

So, as exciting as things probably would’ve been had I lived in 1950s Americana food-wise, as long as I can get my simple but tasty meals from a place like Ritchie’s, I’d be OK staying put. (And I’m willing to let some of the other little things slide too if they promise to work on the coffee.)

Overall rating: ★★✭☆

Ritchie’s Diner
303 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Parañaque City

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