Must-try pastas at La Piadina (restaurant review)

I love payday (who doesn’t, really?). As someone who’s constantly trying to stay on a budget (while indulging a bit every once in a while), it’s during this time of the month I get to try new things without feeling too guilty. So on one particular 15th, my friends and I decided to have dinner out. One of them was craving pasta, and I suggested La Piadina in Glorietta, which I constantly pass by but have never tried before.

When you read La Piadina’s menu, you might think you need to have a good grasp of Italian (or at least have easy access to Google Translate). Their list of offerings isn’t in English, but don’t worry; the descriptions below each item are and will help give you an idea of what you’re ordering.

The place is brightly lit and a little too small for the lunch and dinner rush, I think. On the other hand, service is pretty fast, I guess owing to the fact that they accommodate less people.



After a bit of debate, we settled for La Pizza di Mare (seafood pizza), Pasta Scampi (long pasta with shrimp and tomato sauce), and Pasta Italspagna (long pasta with Spanish chorizo and Italian sausage in tomato sauce).

My favorite of the night would have to be the Pasta Scampi. With its creamy, well-seasoned sauce, substantial amount of shrimp, and nicely cooked noodles, I would’ve finished the whole plate if my stomach could handle it (and if I wasn’t sharing it with friends). Long after finishing the pasta, we couldn’t keep ourselves from using the garlic bread to mop up the remnants of the sauce.


The Italspagna was pretty tasty, too, with al dente pasta and tangy tomato sauce. The Italian sausage was a bit shy in flavor, but the chorizo had no problem letting you know it was there (in a good way).


Too bad I can’t say the same thing about the La Pizza Di Mare. I’m not saying it was bad, but the seafood flavor wasn’t really singing. Also, it seemed La Piadina’s understanding of ‘seafood’ is that it consisted solely of squid, which is the only one of its kind we could detect in the pie. It feels lacking in flavor, so I added a bit of the spicy garlic oil to punch it up a bit. It helped, but not much.

blog5My friends and I were able to split the three dishes four ways, so I’d say the serving’s substantial for the price.

So… If you’re feeling like genuine-tasting pasta without the high price, I’d say this is definitely worth a visit. Can’t wait to see how good their other pasta dishes are, and if their other pizza flavors are any better than the seafood one. One thing’s for sure: that scampi’s going on my list of things to order again.

Overall rating: ★★★☆

La Piadina
2nd Floor, Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City

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