Quick fix: Seattle’s Best Coffee’s Bacon, Tomato and Mozzarella Toasties

I’ve always been a strong advocate of breakfast food being an all-day thing, so I have no problem heading for a Pancake House and ordering a plate of waffles for dinner. Now, in my quest to find great breakfast food I can order no matter what time of the day, I’m excited to have found a new option to add to my list: the Bacon, Tomato and Mozzarella Toasties by Seattle’s Best Coffee.

The term “toasties” would make you think of teeny, tiny sandwiches meant to be nibbled on while drinking a cup of tea with a raised pinky, but Seattle’s is using this term very loosely. Their offering uses a large, thick slice of wheat bread as a foundation, so any fear of not being full after consuming this is immediately thrown out the window.


If you’re a bacon lover, this fact’s for you: they don’t just use a few flimsy strips of bacon; the whole slice of bread is covered with strips from end to end. And then Seattle’s appeals to the cheese lover in everyone by blanketing the entire thing with a large slice of mozzarella cheese. Definitely not for the calorie counter, but then again, what fun breakfast food is?

Don’t worry about it being too rich, though. The thick slices of tomatoes help lend a touch of acidity to balance things out. And just in case you still have room, it comes with a side of potato chips.

And the best part is it’s part of their all-day breakfast menu (which I now plan on trying one by one), so by all means, order it to soak up the alcohol if happy hour for you starts a little early. Wouldn’t recommend this for anyone on a diet, but for those who like to live a little dangerously, this deserves your attention.

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