Wicked Dogs: big bark, little bite (restaurant review)

We’ve been passing by Wicked Dogs for a long time, curious about why it was always full, so we decided to finally try it out. We figured a place that popular probably gets filled at peak hours, so after running a few errands, my family and I headed there for an early dinner.

wicked dogs ext

The place has a very trendy vibe, with swing seats and stenciled-on wall designs begging to be Instagrammed. Each table even had a couple of those faux ‘staches and sunglasses on sticks, telling you this is the kind of place appealing to the selfie generation.

wicked dogs int

The cooking area is right at the counter, so expect to walk out of there smelling like the concession stand of a movie theater. But if you’d rather smell of cigarette butts and exhaust than hotdogs and French fries, you can grab one of the few tables outside.

wicked dogs int 2

My brother-in-law asked for a Chili Cheese Dog. Since I was splitting a hotdog with my sister (we heard servings are pretty big) and she doesn’t like a lot of fuss on her food, we settled on an all-beef Plain Jane. But bless her, she relented and asked them to top it with cheese and bacon bits. All specialty dogs are served with a side of thick-cut fries, but you can also order them separate in quarter-kilo servings with the topping you want.

wicked dogs hotdogs

Specialty dogs are served in baking trays so everything stays in place, which is pretty clever. My first bite of the Plain Jane told me the hotdog was juicy and rather tasty, but that was pretty much it. While the lava of melted cheese blanketing the dog scored points in my book, I would’ve wanted it a bit thicker. Eating the sandwich with cheese running down my hand, I looked like a zombie devouring the juicy arm of a fresh kill.

I also wish the bacon bits had been on the crunchy side (they felt like they were just sweated in a pan and stocked for later use) to give the sandwich a bit more texture. The bread was so soft, it didn’t stand a chance once the wet stuff was on it. It kind of felt mushy a few minutes after mingling with the runny cheese.

My brother-in-law’s experience with his order was pretty so-so too: the frank itself was good, but the chili tasted like it came out of a can. Come to think of it, the tasty hotdog seems straight out of a pack too. For over Php 200 each specialty dog, you’d think they make their own sausages and toppings but they don’t, which is kind of a letdown.

wicked dogs chili dog 2

After the hotdogs, we asked for plain churros with chocolate dip. An order comes with 5 large loops, which tasted OK. The chocolate dip was what really bothered me: it had some sort of skin on it. Don’t gag yet; I meant the skin some cream-based concoctions get when they sit too long and the top layer dries up a bit. And it was runny and tasted more milky than chocolatey.

wicked dogs churros

So… I guess the main pull of Wicked Dogs lies in it being one of those “in” places to be, though it doesn’t offer a lot in terms of the actual food. While the hot dogs are pretty good, I wouldn’t exactly fall in line for them.

Overall rating: ★★☆☆

Wicked Dogs
40 Aguirre Avenue Corner F. Ortigas Street, BF Homes, Parañaque City

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