Three YouTube channels you can pass the time with

These days, anyone can get their 15 minutes: all they need is a camera and a YouTube account. In most cases, I can’t really stand these channels; I don’t get how people become popular  taking videos of themselves reacting to something or playing pranks on each other, but that’s the nature of viral videos, I guess. It doesn’t necessarily have to make sense to gain a following.

Still, there are quite a few channels worth watching if you’ve got a few spare minutes while in transit or waiting at the doctor’s office.

(DISCLAIMER: I wasn’t paid to endorse these channels. I’m sharing them because I actually follow them.)

Home Cooking Adventure

HCA title

Warning: this is not a channel for strict diet followers.  The videos in the Home Cooking Adventure channel is stylized for food porn addicts who put as much breadth on visuals as they do on flavor. This isn’t your typical instructional cooking channel though; the camera focuses on what the cook is doing with her hands, while instructions are spelled out on the screen (instead of being spoken out loud), and everything’s set to music that matches the type of food being prepared (the eclair video, for instance, is set to some pleasant Parisian music). In some videos, you might hear the sound of blending, cutting or a wooden spoon hitting the pan as she stirs, but they don’t distract; they’re actually almost therapeutic, accenting certain steps of the recipe.

HCA image 2
Taken from “No Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars Recipe”

Don’t worry; if you don’t have a sweet tooth, the channel also has savory treats for your eyes to enjoy (it just means we can’t be friends, that’s all). Kudos to home cook/photographer Ella and her hurband/videographer for producing videos (which you can view in their website too) that won’t do you any favors if you’re starving and your next meal’s not for a couple more hours.

WM title

If you enjoy ranking stuff, should be on your Top Ten list of channels to follow (HAHAHA, hehe, uh, um, *clears throat*). The owners of the channel are by no means experts in the topics they choose, of course (they hold polls in their website to determine the winners), but you still feel a sense of vindication when your favorite movie, food, TV character, book, conspiracy theory, whatever, makes it to the top (or the list, even).

WM image
Taken from “Top 10 Alfred Hitchcock Movies”

If you’re not in the mood for full lists, they’ve also got quickie videos (just a couple of minutes long) and bio-type videos. Oh, and be sure to occasionally scroll down to the comments and watch unsatisfied customers lambaste the moderators for not including their choices.

REACT Channel


I know, I know, I said I hated videos of people reacting to something, but this one’s different. The appeal of REACT Channel videos is that the people in them  don’t know what they’re sharing their thoughts on. The channel owners choose the subject, which can range from food to music to technology to current events. And their reactors come from various age brackets, so you’ll be watching little kids figure out how to work a cassette player, or senior citizens try on Google glasses.

REACT image
Taken from “Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V (Elders React: Gaming)”

The channel also has them giving advice, analyzing song lyrics,  and offering their opinion. But seriously, there’s just something hilarious about watching old people approach video games like it’s a bear trap, and then getting gung-ho about shooting down anything that moves.

Before you hit that “Subscribe” button, be warned: a few minutes can turn into several “ooh, let’s watch this one next!”-s if you can’t wean yourself off right away. I know sometimes I start watching while it’s light out and finish only when I get called to dinner. But that’s OK; I can always eat while I watch.

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