Quick fix: Mary Grace brownies

A friend who I haven’t seen in months just stopped by to hang out, and she had a package from Mary Grace with her which she handed to me. Through the paper bag, I could immediately smell something chocolatey inside, so I opened it right away. Sure enough, I found a box of eight brownies inside.

CMG-1 resized

I’ve eaten at ┬áMary Grace before, but I haven’t tried any of their baked goods. Their specialty’s supposedly their ensaymada and cheese rolls, but being the chocolate addict I am, I couldn’t wait to dig into this.

Not wanting to look like a pig, I waited until she left before I got into it. Once we said our goodbyes, I cracked open the box. The brownies looked a bit dry on the surface, but one bite confirmed why a lot of first impressions are not reliable for crap. They were soft and pretty chewy, and you can really taste the chocolate, not just the sweetness of sugar. The dry surface actually made the brownie seem a bit crunchy on the outside, which gave it a bit more texture.
CMG-2 resized
Before taking another nibble, I made myself a cup of coffee, which went perfectly with those baked squares of fudgy goodness. My sister, brother-in-law, and I polished off the box in just a few minutes.
If you’re a chocolate lover and haven’t tried Mary Grace’s brownies, I’d suggest you head to the restaurant right away and grab yourself a box. You won’t regret it.
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