Breakfast at Amelie’s (restaurant review)

I’m not really a crepe person, so I wasn’t too excited when my sister suggested Crepe Amelie in Makati when we were looking for a new place to have breakfast. Having nothing to go on except for the fact that she spotted this one during one of our nightly drives, I wasn’t sure what to expect. To me, crepes are pancakes on a diet, and I’d pick the latter over the former any day.

crepe amelie ext

Crepe Amelie is pretty small; it can probably sit around 30 without people touching elbows. On the other hand, the size coupled with the cozy design just makes it comfortable enough for a quiet meal, especially if you’re recovering from a hangover (the restaurant is only a few steps away from several bars). The inside’s decorated with a few vintage and eclectic knick knacks to exude a contemporary Parisian vibe, while the alfresco dining area has ceiling fans to keep smoking diners cool.

crepe amelie int

Despite the name, they do serve other kinds of dishes, which was a good thing because I was craving for something savory that morning. After silently debating with myself, I asked for a sausage and bacon omelette. While waiting, I sipped my cappuccino, which was strong and a nice way to shake you awake.

crepe amelie omelette cappuccino

The omelette was very good. Cutting through the thin sheet of egg revealed a generous amount of meat chunks offering a hint of spice, while diced tomatoes gave it some freshness that kept it from being too rich. Also, what’s interesting was that my worst enemy – bell peppers – made an appearance, but I didn’t dismiss it right away. The aggressive flavors of the omelette were enough to drive away any oddness that was surely emanating from the peppers.

crepe amelie omelette

I also sampled my sister’s chicken Caesar salad, which had a generous smattering of chicken and bacon bits. My brother-in-law inhaled his BLT and egg before I had a chance to lift a fork to it, which I guess means he liked it.

crepe amelie chicken salad

crepe amelie blt and egg

For dessert, we ordered a banoffee crepe. In case you’ve been living a rock all this time, a banoffee anything means it’s a pastry that incorporates bananas, chocolate, caramel and cream (plus this one had ice cream). Unlike many I’ve had before, this particular crepe was not wet and heavy, two traits I hate about crepes. And despite all the various ant-calling elements in the crepe, it wasn’t too sweet.

crepe amelie banoffee featured

So, while I really don’t enjoy crepes that much, their other savory offerings are pretty up there, so I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back for breakfast or otherwise.

Overall rating: ★★★☆

Crepe Amelie
A. Venue Mall, Makati Avenue, Poblacion, Makati City

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