Quick Fix: Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Buns

About a month ago, I attended the Zomato Philippines 7th anniversary, where they were giving out Hattendo Japanese Chilled Cream Buns. Despite being in the business since 1933, it was the first time I’d ever heard of them. From the outside, it looks like a slightly smaller burger bun with the consistency of a brioche. These buns come with different fillings: custard, whipped cream, matcha, chestnut, chocolate, azuki bean, and mango.

hattendo 1

According to the people in charge, their products are transported all the way from Japan, where they’re made without preservatives, so they need to be sold and consumed within 24 hours of being thawed.

Now, I’ve never been a fan of stuffing ice cream in bread the way patrons of dirty ice cream who find cones unsubstantial are, but by the time I realized what they were, there was no backing out once I was standing in front of the Hattendo booth attendant, so what the hell? During the event, they were only offering azuki bean (red bean) and mango, and I asked for the latter.

hattendo 2

A bite of the soft bun confirmed why I can’t develop a liking for the dessert: the texture was just too unsettling. The way the soft bun and even softer cream seemed to melt together made me think of something unpalatable. On top of that, the mango filling, while definitely creamy and not sickly sweet, didn’t possess enough of the tropical flavor it promised. Needless to say, I had to put the rest of it down.

hattendo 3

If the cream had been a bit more frozen or the bun a bit firmer, I probably would have enjoyed it more, but then that would be an entirely different dessert now, wouldn’t it? Or if they’re served room temperature like a sandwich, but again, different dessert. Other guests were gushing over how good they were, though, so maybe I’m just weird that way. One thing’s for sure, though: I don’t think I’ll be lining up for this stuff any time soon.

Disclosure: This product was received from the brand in cooperation with Zomato Philippines. The opinions expressed in this post are based on my own experience and were in no way influenced by said groups.

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