A new perspective of The Old Spaghetti House (restaurant review)

We came to The Old Spaghetti House in SM City North EDSA for an early dinner after watching a movie. We originally planned on grabbing a slice at Yellow Cab, but that plan didn’t pan out when we saw how many people were at the restaurant. The Old Spaghetti House was pretty empty, and our stomachs were even emptier so we went ahead and filed into the place.

This wasn’t the first time I’ve eaten at this restaurant. The first time I went (in a different branch), I had the chicken pesto, which left a lot to be desired. The pasta was dry and the pesto overly salty, so as we were scanning the menu and someone piped up with an order of this very dish, I crossed my fingers and hoped for the best. We also asked for an order of carbonara, Italian sausage and arugula pasta, country fried steak, and five-cheese pizza.

The Old Spaghetti House is rather spacious and clean, and the servers are friendly. Service was kind of slow, though.

tosh - int

We started with a plate of mozzarella sticks, which were good enough and paired nicely with the marinara sauce. I kinda wished it was cooked a bit more on the golden brown side, though. Soon enough, the pasta dishes started arriving at our table and we enthusiastically dug in.

tosh - mozzarella sticks

The carbonara was great; there was a generous amount of creamy sauce and a hefty sprinkling of meat.

tosh - carbonara

The arugula pasta was just a little too salty, though I like the subtle hint of spice.

tosh - arugula

Had they added just a tiny dash more salt, the chicken pesto would’ve been perfect, with its nicely cooked noodles and tender chunks of chicken. No worries; a dash of Parmesan did the trick, so redeemed?  I’d say so.


As for the five-cheese pasta, I could pick out maybe 2 out of the five types of cheese, that was it. Also, the crust wasn’t cooked the way I usually like thin-crust pizza.

tosh - five-cheese pasta

The country fried steak, with the crunchy crust of the tender meat and the nice-tasting gravy, was actually pretty good.
tosh - country fried steak

So… for pretty good food, a nice ambiance, friendly servers, and affordable prices, I would say it wasn’t at all a bad decision that we “settled” for The Old Spaghetti House. Maybe next time we eat there, it’ll be because we actually meant to go there in the first place.

Overall rating: ★★✭☆

The Old Spaghetti House
SM City North EDSA, Fourth Floor, The Block, SM City North EDSA, Quezon City

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