Quick fix: Tokyo Tokyo’s Chicken and Ham Katsu

I like my friends. I trust my friends. I enjoy hanging out with them, which is why when they enthusiastically recommended trying Tokyo Tokyo’s new offering, the Chicken and Ham Katsu, I jumped on board. They championed the fact that it was sooo good and affordable I just had to taste it. They had me at deep-fried chicken and oozy cheese, and in my mind I was about to feast on a version of chicken cordon bleu. What could go wrong?

tokyo tokyo chicken and ham katsu

A lot, as it turns out. My first bite had me imagining a hotdog, because that’s what it tasted like. Don’t get me wrong; I eat hotdogs, but not when I’m eating something that’s not a hotdog. And the whole thing was greasier than Snape’s hair. To put it quite bluntly, it was like chomping on an extra damp, sponge-like piece of chicken nugget, and this is coming from someone who actually enjoys chicken nuggets.

It comes with this slightly sweet gravy that doesn’t really do anything to improve its flavor. In fact, the only thing I kind of liked about my meal was the side of sauteed vegetables.

Don’t worry; my friends and I are still friends. They themselves were disappointed with the meal we had. They said the batch they had the first time (and in another Tokyo Tokyo branch) was better. Maybe it was, but I’m not risking another Php 169 on a substandard meal. Next time, I’ll take that money and grab a burger and a side of fries.

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