Quick fix: Bucky’s Counter’s not-brownies

Bucky’s Counter of BF Parañaque was an unknown concept to me until I found it mentioned alongside a review of Toby’s Estate, a coffee shop that’s on my bucket list and serves the pastry place’s specialty of, um, what are they, anyway? They’re not brownies, the store keeps insisting. I don’t really see what makes these square pieces of baked goods different from brownies, but eh, to each his own.

We meant to stay at Bucky’s to try out their coffees too, but according to the barista, their coffee machine was broken so we just grabbed an assorted box to go. From our short stop, I could see the place is pretty small and dressed like it’s meant to impress the mustachioed, LP-toting, scarf-in-the-summer crowd with its random display of wood surfaces, leather-bound stools and skateboards. Drinks come in vases and carafes, further reinforcing its status as an indie coffee and pastry shop.

bucky's box

bucky's assorted

When you buy half a dozen, um, let’s call them NABs (not-a-brownie) from this point just to save time, they come in a nondescript box. And when you open the box, you find out that they’re packaged with this small wooden spatula. Pretty clever. So let’s get to these treats:

Buckies n’ Cream
Their version of the Oreo is an original-flavored NAB (salted dark chocolate) with vanilla cream. Soft and moist with a nice sweet and salty mashup, this one’s my favorite.

bucky's buckies and cream

Chunky Blonde
A butterscotch NAB with bits of oats and graham, this one’s a bit denser than Buckies n’ Cream, but it was still pretty moist and tasty.

bucky's chunky blonde

Big Poppa
Now, I’m a big supporter of putting bacon in a dessert, but this NAB was just plain weird. I’m sure a lot of people are fans of the dark chocolate-bacon bits-cream cheese-bourbon combo, but it wasn’t for me.

bucky's big poppa

Bugs Buckies
I’ve never had carrot cake before, which is this NAB’s pitch, so I don’t really know what to compare it to. Still, it was good, flavor- and texture-wise.

bucky's bugs buckies

Yana Banana
I’m not a banana bread devotee, but I have to admit, this banana, walnut, and rum concoction is a rather good interpretation.

bucky's yana banana

I have a bone to pick with this one. I’m sure the blend of gluten-free flour, coco sugar, and chia seeds meant well, but I’m pretty sure they burned this batch (and this is coming from someone who likes to nibble on the corners of slightly toasted brownies). But if this is actually what it tastes like, I’m never getting one of these again.

bucky's super

Those damn Buckies n’ Cream NABs already have me hooked so I want to come back for those and, hopefully, the coffee this time. They have other baked stuff and you can ask them to serve your NAB waffle-style (as in piled high with all kinds of saccharine toppings), so that’s something else to look forward to.

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