A not-so-high episode at Mile-Hi Diner (restaurant review)

Athough I’ve been going to Tagaytay for years and have heard of Mile-Hi Diner before, I’ve never really had the chance to give it a shot until recently during another spur-of-the-moment trip to the windy city (not Chicago).

On the outside, Mile-Hi was having an identity crisis: it looked like it didn’t know if it was a log cabin or a mom-and-pop, which I guess stems from the fact that it’s a diner trying to fit into Tagaytay’s country feel.

mile-hi diner extInside, the battle raged on. Set against all the woodwork that continued from the exterior were various kinds of 60s memorabilia (neon signs, movie posters, you name it) you’d typically find in diner-themed restaurants.

mile-hi diner ext 2mile-hi diner intmile-hi diner int 2mile-hi diner int 3We started with the seafood platter, which I found was equal parts hit and miss: I liked how non-fishy the crisp, battered pieces of fish tasted and the fries were just as crunchy and tasty. On the other hand, I thought the calamares didn’t have a lot of flavor in them and the shrimp didn’t really taste fresh.

mile-hi diner platterI was pretty disappointed with the steak and pasta dish I ordered. The steak was thick and I had a hard time cutting through it. The pasta, while al dente, didn’t have enough cream sauce, and I didn’t like that they put bell pepper in it.

mile-hi diner pastaI ventured out to my sister’s and her husband’s dishes, which I found to be way better than what I asked for. The pork chop was tender and well-seasoned, as were the American spare ribs.

mile-hi diner pork chopmile-hi diner steakSo, it wasn’t an overwhelmingly life-changing experience. Maybe I just ordered the wrong thing and they specialize more in burgers and milkshakes, as most diners do and should. There were some highlights to the meal, the ambiance was pretty good and they offer satisfactory service, so I wouldn’t mind giving it another shot.

Overall rating: ★★☆

Mile-Hi Diner
One Destination, Aguinaldo Hi-way, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay City

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