Mr. Rockefeller missed his mark (restaurant review)

The first time I was supposed to eat at Mr. Rockefeller, I was too sick to join my family. They came home raving about the food they ordered so I figured it must be that good. My chance to finally try out the place came recently, when they again decided to eat there during a night out in Greenbelt, Makati.

mr rockefeller ext

Inside, the restaurant has a very cool, relaxed vibe. It’s pretty dimly lit and intimate, perfect for a quiet dinner if that’s what you’re into. The interior even has bookshelves and all kinds of vintage decor as if to drive the point home. But it also has a sports bar so a solo night of watching a game isn’t out of the question.

mr rockefeller int 2

mr rockefeller int

Mr. Rockefeller’s menu consists mainly of American cuisine with lots of oyster preparations, as well as different versions of steak and ribs. This should’ve tipped me off about the kind of dinner I was about to have.

mr rockefeller draft

mr rockefeller oyster ceviche

mr rockefeller drinks

mr rockefeller soup

As a main, I asked for lasagna. I like lasagna. Lasagna makes me happy. I order it whenever I get the chance. Shouldn’t have done that this time. Presentation was pretty interesting – they put it in a shallow soup bowl – but that wasn’t my issue. The first break into the surface and the cheesy, beefy aroma I love wasn’t there. Instead, I was met with something funky. Old beef smell. And then it got worse. A single bite told me I wasn’t going to have another because it was sweet. Sigh.

mr rockefeller lasagna

The other dishes we got had a couple of hitches too. The chicken quesadillas, while hefty and tender, had a bitter taste that made it hard to finish a wedge. The mixed green salad had crispy greens, but the dressing, which I’m pretty sure was there, didn’t taste like much either. And the tiramisu hardly tasted like coffee. Probably the only thing I enjoyed were the cheese puffs.

mr rockefeller mixed green salad

mr rockefeller cheese puffs

mr rockefeller chicken quesadillas

mr rockefeller tiramisu

But you know what? I’m willing to give this place another try. People I know swear by their steak and ribs, so that could be more of their forte. (Yes, I know oysters are probably the star of their menu, but I haven’t really acquired the taste for them.) But until then, I only have my own experience to go on. It’ll be hard for me to recommend them based on food I haven’t had yet, even harder to do so based on what I did have. So if you want to go, good luck and maybe I’ll see you there when I do come back.

Overall rating: ★✭☆

Mr. Rockefeller
Level 2, Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center, Makati City

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