A late-night sweet run to Dorissimo (restaurant review)

Coming home after a long road trip (which I will tell you about in a later post), my companions and I thought it would be nice and relaxing to cap the night off with some coffee. Who am I kidding? I was Jonesing for some cake and so were they, so since we were coming from the north, we decided to head for Maginhawa. After a quick search online, we found Dorissimo Pastries, and just in time before closing too.

Beyond Dorissimo’s glass facade, the interior is a decent mishmash of pinks, chalkboard art, and shelves stocked with books and various doodads. The menu’s populated with the usual cafe offerings of brews and bakes, but hot dishes can also be found in case you want to start with a savory item before hitting that sweet note.

dorissimo ext

dorissimo int 1

dorissimo int 3

dorissimo int 2

We went straight to desserts and asked for a chocolate meringue cake, blueberry cheesecake, and a choco caramel slice. Like I said, we had it bad for cake. To drink, we had lattes and an iced choco hazelnut.

My favorite of the three was the choco caramel, which was moist and not toothachy sweet.

dorissimo chocolate caramel

The chocolate meringue’s icing was pretty good, but the cake itself was a bit on the dry and crumbly side.

dorissimo chocolate meringue

The blueberry cheesecake was too… jiggly. I understand it’s supposed to have gelatin in it, but I don’t think it’s supposed to keep moving when you stop touching it, so I didn’t really enjoy it.

dorissimo blueberry cheesecake

The latte had no fancy schmancy foam art which is, of course, the measure of a good latte’s consistency, but it was good, nonetheless. The iced choco hazelnut was OK, but not really something to write home about.

dorissimo latte

dorissimo iced choco hazelnut

Soooo… not an entirely bad experience. It was good enough for that moment, but I’d probably keep looking for a staple dessert place in the area in case I get another case of the sweet munchies and feel like trying something other than the usual coffee places.

Overall rating: ★★☆

Dorissimo Pastries
122 Maginhawa Street, Teachers Village East, Quezon City

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