Presto, change-o, instant video with Magisto (product review)

I’m far from being a videographer. I don’t even own a camera. All I use to record things worth capturing is my phone, so isn’t great that we now have all these phone apps that make people (well, yourself, mostly) think you’re better at it than you actually are?

I recently learned of a video editing app called Magisto after hearing about it while watching this British duo on the Discovery Channel talk about the latest in gadgets and apps. Basically, Magisto does all the work for you. All you really need to do is choose the videos and photos you want to include, pick the mood and the music, and out pops a pseudo-professional short movie of whatever it is you want preserved memories of.

I thought I’d see this for myself since I took a bunch of clips during our trip to Subic hoping to put together a short video out of them, so I thought this would be perfect. I downloaded it and got to work, and after tinkering a bit with the app, here’s the result:

(You can also watch it here: https://youtube/3F-t7HwLRc4)

I have to say, I was rather impressed.  It’s extremely easy to use, they give you loads of of options in themes (throwback, birthday, indie, etc.) and they even recommend music to go with each theme, or you can choose one from your own library. Like I said, I’m a novice, so this is pretty cool to me. It’s a paint-by-numbers as far as video editing’s concerned, so anyone with little to no knowledge of how to do this kind of thing will find it a very nifty little technique to impress family and friends with.

The basic version’s free, so it’s kind of limited. You have to pay a certain amount to include more clips or make a longer video. Oh, and while you can share your videos on social media, you can’t download them.

I’d call this a victory for the unskilled like me, so I definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to make a seemingly complex edited video without having to hire a pro. I’d even spring for the extra fee if I find myself needing to use it often.

Overall rating: ★★★

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