Busy being lazy at La Luz (hotel review)

There’re times when you go on vacation to try some new and exciting activity, and other times you just want to sit around and do nothing but eat and swim. If you’re aiming for a more relaxing escape much like the latter scenario, La Luz Beach Resort in San Juan, Batangas is a great place to start.

la luz beach 7

la luz rooms

My family and I have been coming to La Luz repeatedly over the past few years definitely because of the latter. It’s one of those places where you go to splash around, read a book, stare into space, whatever floats your boat, basically. And you don’t get up from whichever surface you chose to rest your rump until meal time rolls around. That’s actually one of the things that drew us to the place. The idea that you don’t have to cook your own meal and just have loads of time to enjoy yourself is the ultimate dream of a true blue beach bum, and one that we made sure to take to heart.

la luz beach
My five-year-old nephew ponders the meaning of life while waiting for the sunrise.

la luz beach 8

la luz beach 2

But back to La Luz. The rooms are comfortable and clean, and the people who work there are very accommodating. In our past visits, we’d opt to split into two groups and take two rooms. In our most recent stay, we decided to nab a premier loft, and let me tell you, if you have a big group, a loft is what you want. It’s pretty amazing inside: downstairs are two double beds (one of which comes with a trundle), and upstairs are three singles. It’s so spacious you can comfortably fit 10 people and extra beds no sweat. There’s air conditioning to keep the whole space cool, and a ceiling fan in case it doesn’t get cold enough (it does, by the way). The toilet’s separate from the hot-and-cold shower, so alone time with a book and a roll of toilet paper can pass by in peace.

la luz loft

la luz loft 2

Outside the rooms are cabanas where you can sit for long periods of time and be content. With the warm atmosphere, cool breeze and the smell of the ocean, it’s hard not to fall asleep. They’ve also got lots of beach chairs so you can get your tan on.

la luz cabana
Get a massage, eat, sleep. Hey, it’s your vacation.

If you can’t stand to sit still for long periods of time, not to worry; they do offer various activities like kayaking, banana boat rides, and jet ski rentals. But being the rocky stretch of beach San Juan is, the biggest draw of La Luz’s beach is its pretty neat collection of marine life. You don’t even have to go far to snorkel. All you have to do is literally dip your head in the water to find various species of fish swimming inches from your face.

la luz beach 5

la luz beach 3
Instead of sand, the beach is covered with pebbles.

la luz fish

la luz fish 2

Meals are served buffet-style so you get to come back as many times as you want. I remember there being a larger buffet set-up in the past, though. On the other hand, they change the menu all the time, so I guess we just didn’t luck out. Still, the spread’s not bad at all. And what you get from your mandatory meal ticket if you’re spending the night is lunch as soon as you check in, merienda, dinner, and breakfast the next day.

la luz buffet 2

la luz breakfast

la luz buffet
Bet you can’t guess which table mine is.

A couple of tips if you plan on coming here: bring aqua shoes. Corals will rain hell on the bottoms of your feet, so you’re going to need the protection. Also, if you have your own snorkeling gear, bring them. They rent out goggles and stuff of course, but if you’re doing a lot of fish-watching, wouldn’t it make more sense to have your own? Oh, and don’t forget to bring that waterproof camera.

la luz beach 6

Overall rating: ★★★

La Luz Beach Resort
Brgy. Hugom San Juan, Batangas

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