Game on at Buffalo Wild Wings (restaurant review)

When you say Capitol Commons, Tipsy Pig is most usually the first restaurant out of people’s mouths. I have to admit I didn’t know Buffalo Wild Wings existed until we walked past the cluster of too-familiar restaurants and ventured towards Estancia Mall one night looking for a new place to try out.

Any sports fan would feel comfortable inside Buffalo’s walls. The TVs. The only place I’ve seen so many TVs was at an appliance center, and even those places can’t compare to this. Every wall had at least three flat-screens, each one showing a different game. You can cheer for your favorite basketball team in one direction and your choice football star in another. If you’re not rah-rah-ing for any athletic event, you can always just participate in their constantly running trivia game by borrowing a tablet that lets you in on the guessing. bww interior (3) bww interior As a sports joint, the menu consists of bar food like wings (of course), burgers, nachos, fries, and chips. Curiously enough, they offer salads too. Just goes to show, athletes do like to eat healthy sometimes. They also have a kids’ menu so your little ones will find something to eat, not that it would’ve been a stretch to begin with. bww interior (2) We started with a platter of crunchy chips and tangy salsa, then moved on to some chicken quesadillas, which were big and chock-full of well-cooked and gooey stuffing. bww interior chips bww quesadillas Buffalo has a scale where you can choose how hot you want your wings to be. We ordered a basket of wings with three flavors: the garlic Parmesan (non-spicy), the original buffalo (slightly zingy), and the Caribbean (keep a pitcher of soda nearby). Generally, the chicken pieces were cooked well: tender on the inside and crunchy on the outside. And the pieces were so huge, they looked like they were on something. (I know there’s a joke in there, this being a sports-themed restaurant and all, but I’m not going to say it.) The garlic Parmesan was pretty good, but only if you’re not there to feast on some spicy chicken limbs. The dry rub on the original wings was also good. It’s at the middle of the scale, which is perfect for those who only want a touch of spice. The Caribbean is closer to the burn-a-hole-in-your-tongue level, but they made the mix a tad sweet, probably to offset the spiciness a bit. I honestly think it didn’t need the sweetness, especially since you have the bleu cheese dip to accent the spice with. Still, I was largely satisfied with all three flavors. bww wings They have a full bar to satiate all kinds of thirst, but we didn’t feel like getting intoxicated so we stuck with soda. All soda orders are refillable, by the way, but they’re a bit pricey compared to other joints that offer the same option for a few pesos more. Service was great. all the jersey-clad personnel were friendly and ready to assist (see what I did there?). They’re ready with a new glass of soda even before you finish your current one, and every request was greeted with a smile. I’m not particulary a sports nut myself, but the ambiance really does get to you. Can’t wait to come back and try their other chow. And to let out my competitive side by taking a crack at that trivia game.

Overall rating: ★★

Buffalo Wild Wings Ground Floor, Estancia Mall, Capitol Commons, Oranbo, Pasig City

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