The skinny on Fat Melts Diner (restaurant review)

For the longest time, my sister’s been raving about Fat Melts Diner. She has this thing where she measures how fantastic a place is by the goodness of their carbonara, and according to her, this joint’s version of the creamy pasta dish is the bomb. Good thing I finally got to check the place out recently when we went there for dinner.

Fat Melts is in Pergola Mall in BF Parañaque and is set up pretty much like how novelty diners in the Philippines are dressed up these days: checkerd flooring, shiny booths, and lots of pop culture memorabilia. It was very clean, and the server who took care of us was pretty friendly. Their menu consists largely of good ol’ American food with a bit of wildcards thrown in, so if you’re not jonesing for a Yankee dish, you can go European or even Asian.

fat melts interiorSince it was a diner, I decided I’d support the cause by getting a bacon cheeseburger and a chocolate milkshake (my very first one). Other dishes ordered were a mac and cheese, a chicken schnitzel, and a Korean beef stew. While waiting for our main meals, we shared an order of chili cheese fries, a very nice starter of thinly cut potatoes slathered with cheese and sprinkled with ground beef.

fat melts friesfat melts mac and cheesefat melts schnitzelfat melts korean beef stewMy burger was pretty disappointing. The best part would probably be that the bacon stayed crispy even inside the bun (a feat I don’t see a lot in restaurants). But the patty was kind of dry and had parts throughout that were way too salty. Combine that with the saltiness of the cheese and you’ve got a salt lick in your hands. A bit of a letdown for me, since a diner to me is a place where great burgers and milkshakes are to be expected.

fat melts burgerSpeaking of which, I wasn’t blown away by the chocolate milkshake either. It was cold and creamy, but I wouldn’t exactly call it chocolate since it was more sweet than chocolatey.

fat melts mikshakeI enjoyed my nephew’s mac and cheese better. I probably would’ve had a better time had I ordered carbonara, which is why I plan on coming back. And being a pancakes-and-bacon person, I also want to check out their collection of breakfast items.

Overall Rating: 

Fat Melts Diner
B.F. Homes Pergola Mall, Aguirre Ave. corner Elsie Gaches St., BF Homes, Parañaque

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