The shelled, the finned, and the feathered at Clawdaddy (restaurant review)

We had dinner at Clawdaddy in Solenad when we recently went on an unplanned drive that started out as an errand run. I’ve been to the branch at Harbor Point in Subic, but neither of my two companions that night (my sister and her husband) had eaten at any of the restaurant’s chains before, so in we went.

clawdaddy exterior

clawdaddy interior

clawdaddy interior 2

Clawdaddy’s menu is a combination of seafood, pasta, pizza, meat and alcohol, so it’s party central for people of all ages. We ordered an all-shrimp boil in a bag, a fisherman’s platter (calamares, shrimp poppers, French fries, fish fingers, and onion rings), and some country fried chicken. The waiter set down a plate of prawn crackers drizzled with an odd combination of oyster sauce and sweet and sour sauce while we waited.

clawdaddy prawn crackers

My sister can’t handle heat, so we got unspicy shrimp and just asked for some chili peppers on the side. The shrimp was really nicely cooked: garlicky with just the right amount of salt. They was served with some butter, but I actually preferred eating them alone or after wiping them on the tasty drippings left behind on the plate.

clawdaddy all-shrimp

The fisherman’s platter was mostly great. The calamares were well-cooked and so were the fries and the fish fingers. I just couldn’t find the taste of shrimp in the poppers. I also don’t like onion rings so I didn’t care for them.

clawdaddy fisherman's platter

As tender as the chicken was, it lacked flavor and wasn’t crispy at all, which was pretty disappointing. The slightly chunky mashed potato that came with it, on the other hand, was delicious.

clawdaddy fried chicken

Service was pretty unsatisfactory too. The chili we asked for didn’t come to our table until we were pretty much full. Also, one of the meals we ordered came with iced tea, and we had to remind them of it too otherwise they probably wouldn’t have served it. I would’ve let these slide had the place been packed and busy, but it wasn’t.

clawdaddy cosmopolitan

It wasn’t all bad, though prices are a bit steep. If I ever feel like it again, I’d probably check out their other branches to try other items on their menu.

Overall rating: ★★☆☆

Solenad, Nuvali Blvd., Santa Rosa-Tagaytay Road, Santa Rosa City, Laguna

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