The Burger Project gets a C (restaurant review)

Whenever I see a branch of The Burger Project, it’s usually full of customers so that got me curious about how good the burgers are. When the family recently got together, we finally got the chance to try it for ourselves, heading for the Tomas Morato store since our first choice (the Maginhawa branch) was already full.

The inside of the restaurant kind of looked like Reno: really colorful with matinee signs all over. As soon as we came in, the servers handed us sheets for placing an order. Apparently, you get to build your own beefy concoction here by choosing out of a gazillion ingredients what kind of meat you want, which bread to sandwich it with, etc. Nice. Of course, if picking one over the other and doing it multiple times hurts too much, they also have designer burgers that’ll take the stress out of having to DIY your order.

the burger project interior 4

the burger project interior 5

After a silent debate with the voices in my head, I asked for a creation starring an all-beef patty, mozzarella cheese and bacon. You know, the usual fuck-cholesterol ingredients. They also have sides like fries and onion rings, and the drink menu includes sodas and milkshakes.

Upstairs, there was even more color. Here, the walls are the chalkboard type, onto which they let loose someone pretty skilled with the medium. It’s a pretty small space; it probably fits about 30 at the most, not counting the seating downstairs.

the burger project interior 1

the burger project interior 2

After a while, our orders came and we started digging in. I have to say, I wasn’t completely floored with the taste of the burger. I know you shouldn’t overdress the beef to let its actual flavor shine, but you should at least sprinkle a touch of salt and pepper, and mine didn’t seem to have any. On top of that, the patty was a bit on the dry side. It might’ve been a good idea to include in the list a question of how well the beef should be cooked. Also, I wish the bacon was crispy and had better flavor.

the burger project burger

The mozzarrella sticks and fries were good, at least. And according to my sister and brother-in-law, the salted caramel and the Oreo cookies n’ cream milkshakes were pretty tasty.

the burger project mozzarella

All-in-all, nice concept and great interior, but they don’t really make up for the fact that the burgers aren’t that great.

Overall rating: ☆☆

The Burger Project
51 Scout Rallos Street, Near Tomas Morato, Laging Handa, Quezon City

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