A half-baked experience with Dulcinea’s pastries (food review)

Until my most recent visit to a Dulcinea restaurant, the first and last time I ate at one was when my mom took me to the SM North EDSA branch for some of their famous churros. She wasn’t lying when she said they were some of the best she’d ever had. The churros were light, crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. The chocolate dip was thick and chocolatey but not too sweet.

It was this prior experience that rendered me excited to try their baked goods again when I finally got the chance to do so with a few people. After casing their scrumptious-looking display, we asked for their popular cream puffs (the big, sugar-glazed ones) and some Argellanas (think otap‘s Spanish cousin). It was a particularly busy night for Dulcinea in Tomas Morato, so we had to take our orders somewhere else. (It’s this reason that this piece had to be a food review instead of a restaurant one.)

dulcinea display

The cream puff was kind of disappointing. Although the pastry had a pretty good consistency, I couldn’t say the same about the sugar glaze. It didn’t shatter with a single bite because it was too thick; I had to open the puff and turn over the top half so I could cut through it with a fork.

I thought there was just a little much cream inside so I actually scraped of some of it off while eating the puff. I probably wouldn’t have minded if it had the nice, sweet flavor and consistency you’d expect of a cream puff’s filling, but it didn’t. My sister even said she had to eat about two or three of them to let the flavor build.

dulcinea cream puffs
Not all that glitters is gold.

On the other hand, the Argellanas (a.k.a the Spanish otap) were really good. It’s not the flat, crispy kind you buy as pasalubong coming home from Cebu. It was a little puffier, with a bit of a chewy center and a sugar glaze on top. The whole thing was flaky and had just the right amount of sweetness.

dulcinea otap

When I do go back to Dulcinea, I’m going to try their main dishes next. And get my hands on some more of those churros for dessert.

Overall rating: ★✭☆☆


Various branches across the country


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