Seafood Shack is a mighty good catch (restaurant review)

My sisters and I were invited to Seafood Shack for dinner by some of our parents’ friends recently. While I’m a big meat lover, I do appreciate a good seafood dish once in a while so I couldn’t wait to get there although I’ve never heard of it before.

Seafood Shack’s interior is bright and cheery, decked from top to bottom with nautical decor. The place could probably fit around 40, so it might not be a good idea to go there during rush hour. The staff is nice and accommodating, though they did get some of our drink orders mixed up at one point.

seafood shack interior

Our hosts did the ordering since it seems they’ve been here lots of times before. We started the evening with some nachos topped with cheese (both in grated and sauce form), bell peppers, salsa and chicken hash. They were pretty good; the topping-to-chip ratio was plenty substantial. I wasn’t too keen on the cheese sauce though; to me, it just succeeded in making some of the chips soggy. Besides, the grated cheese was good enough without it.

seafood shack nachos

My sister and I had to step out for a bit and when we came back, they were already poring over grilled chicken salad and pulled pork barbecue with mashed potatoes. I managed to grab a bite of each before everyone obliterated the dish. The salad was salad; fresh veggies, good chicken bits, nothing too special. You ever see those restaurants on TV shows like “Man VS Food” where they cook the pulled pork so tender they can chop it up with plates? This wasn’t that kind of pulled pork. The meat wasn’t fall-off-the-bone tender and to top it off, it was too sweet. The mashed potatoes, while right in consistency (smooth with some chunks that indicate they weren’t from a box), had this weird taste that kept me from enjoying it.

seafood shack pulled pork and mashed potatoes

For the main course, our hosts ordered the non-spicy Shack’s Catch (shrimp, mussels, clams, and crabs) with Southern Cajun sauce with some corn and sausage thrown in for good measure. It was great. The sauce was seasoned well and the seafood was cooked just right. The only thing lacking was heat, but that wasn’t Shack’s fault; our hosts claimed they were too old to handle spice. They ordered a bag of mildly spicy shrimp for those of us who appreciate a good burn, though.

seafood shack shellfish

If you’re ordering any of the catch items and don’t feel like getting dirty, you can ask for plastic gloves although I personally wouldn’t. Seafood cooked in its shell is supposed to be eaten with your hands so plastic would just get in the way (and would take the fun out of licking your fingers clean). Be sure to wear the bib, though, because with all the peeling and shell cracking you’re going to do, sauce is going to get on everything.

Pricing’s OK, but do bring cash since they don’t accept credit card.

Overall rating: ★★✭☆


Seafood Shack
F7 Building, Scout Rallos Street Corner Tomas Morato Avenue, Laging Handa, Quezon City


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