Mrs. Graham’s is sugary in more ways than one (restaurant review)

When I’m early for an appointment, I normally head to the nearest coffee shop to wait. That’s how my sister, her husband, and I happened to try Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe near Tomas Morato, Quezon City. We were meeting some people and we got to the area too early so, with nary a familiar caffeine haunt in sight, we checked into the intriguing-looking Mrs. Graham’s.

mrs grahams facadeMrs. Graham’s looked bright, clean, and drink-your-tea-with-your-pinky-in-the-air dainty, catering to a largely female clientele of all ages. With accents like a chalkboard menu and white-washed wooden furniture, it’s definitely a spot that appeals to the Etsy crowd. On a busy day, it could probably seat around 20 both inside and out. In one corner was a mini shop-within-a-shop display filled with collectibles and doodads targeting the arts-and-crafts population. In another were various board games you could play with to pass the time while waiting for your order.

mrs grahams countermrs grahams furnituremrs grahams storemrs grahams gamesUp front, the glass display case was so full of sweets, I thought I saw the Tooth Fairy camping outside, waiting for her next client. The shelves were lined with different baked goods, but up top were the house specialties: macarons, ranging in flavor from the usual mint chocolate to the more interesting Tequila Rose. Not being big fans of the French dessert but wanting to try them anyway, we ordered a couple (a Tiramisu and a S’more) with our coffees.

mrs grahams displayMy latte was pretty good, although it wasn’t as hot as I prefer my coffee to be. Despite that, I’m glad I didn’t order a cappuccino since, according to my sister, it was way too sweet.

mrs grahams latteOn to the macarons. As expected, the little round desserts were sweet and wafery. Unfortunately, sweet was the only sensation I got from the macarons. I couldn’t tell what made the tiramisu tiramisu because I didn’t get any coffee flavor. The S’more had a marshmallow inside, which made it a bit more interesting. On the other hand, I kind of missed the toasty, melty feel of a real S’more, so I wansn’t really feeling it.

mrs grahams macaronsIf you’re not into macarons and coffee, Mrs. Graham’s also offers cakes, pies, and brownies as well as tea and, interestingly enough, butterbeer. Might have been a good decision to try these, but at least I have a reason to come back.

Overall rating: ★★☆☆

Mrs. Graham’s Macaron Cafe
51C Scout Rallos Street, Laging Handa, Quezon City

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