Pausing for a bite at Wingstop (restaurant review)

My sister and I came here for a really late lunch. We decided we didn’t want to eat at our usual haunts so after a lap around TriNoMa, we ended up here and decided we were hungry for some wings.

imageWingstop’s interior looks a bit like Army Navy’s with the industrial-looking furniture and wood finishes. On the wall next to the counter is a collage that looks like it belongs to an American Eagle store.

imagewpid-wp-1420212964001.jpegimageAt the counter, my sister confessed that it was our first visit there, so the friendly cashier prattled off some helpful suggestions. After a bit of back-and-forth, we decided on hot buffalo wings, an order of chicken bites, and Texas-style fries. The food, they claim, is cooked to order so make sure you’re ready for a bit of a wait.

imageAfter around 20 minutes, our food was finally ready. They serve dishes with plastic gloves to keep people from having to deal with saucy fingers. Didn’t use them though. You’re eating bar food, for crying out loud. No room for prim and proper behavior here.

The hot buffalo wings were pretty big, but fell a bit short on flavor to me. They weren’t hot enough, plus under the seasoning, the meat lacked in flavor. Also, I’m predisposed to the thought that wings are supposed to be smothered with runny sauce, and theirs were a bit on the dry side.

imageFor our chicken bites, we asked for half hickory barbecue and half garlic Parmesan. The hickory pieces were seasoned really well; they’re not too sweet and have that fantastic smoky grilled taste. The garlic Parmesan ones were pretty good too. The pieces were a bit overcooked though.

imageAt first I wasn’t sure what made the Texas-style fries Texas-style, but after a while I did: they tossed a bit of sugar in it. I didn’t really like the sweet and salty combo, but the fries are substantial, large-cut, and crispy.

imageTrue to the promise of always being greeted with a smile, the staff is friendly and helpful. The place seems a bit undermanned though. We had to wait for a while for someone to clear the table we wanted to take, and there was only one cashier and one register. I can only imagine what the line looks like during rush hour.

A bit pricey to me; get ready to shell out about Php 750 for two if you want the full experience. A little suggestion: if Wingstop really wants people to get the full experience, they need to put beer on the menu. Like I said, bar food.

Overall rating: ★★☆☆


4/F TriNoMa Mall, North Triangle, Quezon City


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