Crustacean bliss on the first of 2015

It’s the first of a new year and the family’s together, so what better way to spend it than with some excellent home cooking? My brother’s been boasting about what a good cook he is, and I’ve seen traces of his self-proclaimed greatness. But it wasn’t until tonight that I truly appreciated his culinary skills (self-taught, as he proudly says).

His specialty for tonight? Sauteed crab and lots of it. Basically, he took a bunch of giant crab sourced all the way from Mindanao (Sultan Kudarat, to be more specific), halved each one and cracked the claws open, and steamed them until they were cooked. He then smashed a couple of heads of garlic and tossed it into the pan with a generous amount of butter. The result was some mighty fine crab you won’t want to stop eating.

These creatures died for a noble (and yummy) cause.

Granted it’s not the healthiest dish in the world, but I say fuck it. Live a little. And I say that with butter all over my fingers and a smile on my face.


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