Getting lip service from Nivea Lip Butter (product review)

My lips have a tendency to chap and peel even in hot weather, and they’re pretty pale so I need something to make them look, well, alive. Unfortunately, I have ultra-sensitive lips. I’m not calling them that to sound like some pompous princess; it’s a pain that I can’t just grab any brand and be good to go. I’m allergic to Chapstick, for fuck’s sake. Certain lipstick brands (even expensive ones) make my mouth react badly too. It starts off with a bit of tingling and mad itching, transforming into a burn. It then gets all big and puffy until, by the end of the day, my mouth looks like a damn zeppelin that itches and burns. And this lasts for days, during which my mouth looks nasty as it slowly deflates and peels. Did I mention the itching and burning?

Do I dare?

I’m always on the lookout for lip stuff that won’t ignite this type of agony, so I decided to try Nivea’s lip butter, which is new to me. Nivea’s balm (which I got in Raspberry Rosé) comes in a round matte tin, really slim and compact so it’s pretty handy. After a bit of a struggle taking the cap off, I could smell candy coming from the light pink butter, but it’s not an overwhelmingly sweet scent, which is good. With a bit of dread, I swipe a bit of the candy-scented butter on my mouth and waited. Okay, no tingling yet. So far, so good. Out the door and off to work I went.

I hate pink, but I don’t think they make blue lip butter.

I have to say, it’s been almost an entire day and no unfortunate incident yet, making it pretty acceptable by my standards. On the other hand, it’s not like one of those tinted lip balms so it won’t do anything to liven up your pucker (remember I said I have pale lips?). It’s okay for staying at home, but I need to apply lipstick on top of it to go out, otherwise I’d look like a gloss-lipped zombie.

Not bad for Php 129, but only if you can pull off the natural, just-rolled-out-of-bed look. Still, I’d like to try other Nivea lip stuff before getting this one again. If they use the same formulation across all their products, maybe I can get all these perks in just one tube or pot. For now, I’m just glad my lips live to see another itch- and burn-free day.

Overall rating: ★★☆☆


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