Liking the style of apple pie a la mode at McDonald’s (food review)

McDonald’s is known for playing around with their dessert menu, appealing to the fat kid in all of us. I honestly don’t have a taste for absolutely all of their concoctions (I hate Koko Krunch Duo with a passion, so their McFlurry version of the stuff will never pass these lips), but I think they hit the jackpot with one of their latest creations: the apple pie a la mode.

Typhoon Hagupit was singing her last few wet notes when my co-workers and I decided to head towards McDonald’s and get the stuff. We almost backed out, but ultimately decided that no cold weather was going to stop us from buying the ice cream.

mcdo apple pie a la mode
You got it, cup.

If you think about it, the combination’s a no-brainer, but the thought of eating both at the same time never crossed my mind. Why? I like their apple pie, but I’ve always favored hot fudge over caramel. Good thing the pull of apple pie was stronger than the appeal of the caramel or I wouldn’t have bought one.

I love the combination of hot and cold in one cup. And normally, I have a problem with melted ice cream (as in I hate it), but in this case, I didn’t really mind; it tasted too good for me to mind. I also loved the fact that the pie’s crust stayed crunchy even after being submerged in ice cream for a while. Far from a fancy-schmancy dessert, it’s a good old combo of comforting flavors and textures in a cup.

mcdo apple pie a la mode 2
Trust me, it’s actually more appetizing than it looks here. I just started eating it on the way back to the office, hence the ravaged look.

My only issue with the dessert would probably be that the pie lacked a little bit of the tartness I’ve always liked about it. I like how the slightly sour taste of the apple pie cuts through the sweetness of the caramel and vanilla ice cream, so I wish the pie had a bit more acidity.

The way they’re marketing it, the stuff might only be on their menu for the holiday season, so you better get in on some of it now. Then again, you can always just mash together their apple pie and caramel sundae when the promo dessert ends. Tst, tsk. Such a no-brainer. I’m mentally smacking my forehead right now.

Overall rating: ★★★☆


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