Ribs that RUB you the right way (restaurant review)

Our boss took us out for lunch recently at RUB Ribs and BBQ in Kapitolyo. It’s been a while since I’ve had good ribs, so I was really looking forward to this, especially since the boss claims it’s one of his family’s favorite go-to restos.

Stepping into the joint, the first thing that comes to mind is ‘small’. Seating’s limited, and I hear it gets full often, so we were glad we were there when the place wasn’t teeming with lunch goers. Still, the place is cozy and mostly clean, and the staff offers prompt service.

The bar

While the stars of the menu were the ribs and other barbecued meats, they offer other things like tacos, fish and chips, pasta, and wings. Instead of getting three separate meals, we decided on the good-for-four Family Brunch (Php 720): a platter with three slabs of ribs and three side dishes. Since there were three of us, we each got to pick a side; they requested grilled buttered corn and garlic spinach and mushroom, while I suggested the roasted garlic mashed potato (I was going to ask for the bacon mac and cheese, but the server said it wasn’t one of the sides that come with the Brunch). We also ordered a pitcher of iced tea for Php 120.

A menu offering a host of great American eats

The ribs were pretty damn good. Really tender and seasoned very well. I loved that they were neither sickly sweet nor deathly salty. But the best part was the tasty marinade didn’t overpower the flavor of the beef itself. From my previous reviews, you know I’m kind of a light eater, but this time I couldn’t help but eat more than I normally would.

The mashed potatoes were very homey and delicious. Chunky with a bit of skin mixed in, you know it’s not the kind that comes in a box. The buttered corn was OK, but it didn’t seem grilled at all. The spinach and mushroom was fine as well, but felt a tad overcooked and lacking something in taste.

Great ribs for a too-good-to-be-true-yet-it-is price

The boss asked us if we had room for dessert, which of course we did (there’s always room for dessert), so he asked for an order of fried Oreos with vanilla ice cream (Php 180). Their version is pretty much the same as the one I had at Kanto Freestyle Breakfast, but what made this a bit better was the pleasant contrast in temperature between the hot dough and the ice cream.

A hot and cold end to the meal

Considering you’re eating a rather substantial amount of great-tasting ribs, the price is well worth your money. Overall, RUB is a real peso-saver that doesn’t compromise flavor.

Overall rating: ★★★☆


RUB Ribs and BBQ
88 East Capitol Drive, Pasig City


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