Magnum Mini: short and sweet, or shortchanging? (food review)

At this point, I don’t really have to describe what a Magnum ice cream bar is, do I? By now, the entire Philippines should be familiar with the notorious craze that swept the nation when these frozen devils first hit the local scene in 2012. Lots of people are still calling it overrated, but what can I say? I do love me some Magnum.

I only recently got to try Magnum Mini, which comes in a box of six and retails at Php200. It’s got the same appearance and same great taste (do I sound like an ad or what?), so I’m not going to talk about the flavor. The only thing different about it is the size, so what I wanted to find out is, could a Magnum Mini satiate the same level of craving as does a regular-sized Magnum?

A three-flavor (classic, almond, and brownie) box of Magnum Mini

The answer is no… and yes. See, when I crave for Magnum, it’s never an itty-bitty craving, so one itty-btty bar won’t cut it for me. At its size, I’d need about two or three of these to quell the screams of the ice cream beast within. Why would I get a box of six babies and eat two when I can just get a regular, which sells for just Php50?

Then again, what if I had a hankering for not just one but two flavors of Magnum? At the rate I normally eat, I couldn’t consume two big bars if I wanted, say, a classic and a brownie. This is where the mini comes in handy. Magnum Mini doesn’t just come in single-flavor boxes; they also have a multi-flavor variety (also in six). This means I can have the best of many worlds without consuming deathly amounts of ice cream. IF I were craving two flavors.

For sharing?

My verdict? It’s fine to stick a box in the freezer for yourself, or split with a friend or two, max. But to share with five other people? I say we each buy a regular-sized one and leave each other the hell alone.

Overall rating:

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