A wave of luxury at The Tides (hotel review)

When my friends and I planned our five-day stay in Aklan, we decided to include an overnight trip to Boracay since two of our friends haven’t been there before. In the process of looking for accommodations, one of us suggested The Tides Hotel because she had stayed there before and said it was a good one, so we decided to check it out.

On agoda, we found the more, er, “affordable” Essential Twin – a two-person room that comes with two double beds – discounted for just over Php 4,000 ( regular rates range from Php 10,000 to 18,000 !), so we went ahead and booked two rooms. Since there were five of us, we paid for an additional person in the girls’ room.

As in most hotels, check-in wasn’t until 2PM and we got there at about 10, so we decided to leave our bags and case the place in the meantime.

What waiting for check-in looks like

The Tides looks incredibly clean, thanks to the all-white exterior. The architecture, which is very modern with its boxy (but not unpleasant) look and structural cut-outs, offers both form and function. The design of the building doesn’t just make it look contemporary; it also helps with air circulation so you don’t get claustrophobic even when you’re in the stairwells.

The middle of the building is an open court with gigantic potted plants in the middle. While it keeps the place naturally bright by letting the sun it, the layout unfortunately also lets the rain in, making the ground wet and slippery largely because of their choice of flooring.

It was raining when we stayed here, hence the yellow “slippery when wet” signs.

After grabbing an early lunch and risking our lives trying to find a certain food joint (find the harrowing story here), it was finally time to check into our rooms. Inside the geometrically patterned, air-conditioned Essential Twin were the pristine double beds, Plasma cable TV, minibar, and a safety deposit box in the closet. But one of the things that I liked most is that the toilet is completely separated from the shower. That way, you won’t have to wait for the other person to finish their shower if you suddenly find your lunch disagreeing with you. (Sorry about the lack of photos; we were too busy filming Dai TV to stay in the rooms)

At the top floor is their restaurant Ka-on (Hiligaynon for “eat”), a bright and airy room decked with wooden floors and furniture. The only meal we had there was breakfast, and their buffet had all kinds of options for every palate, Filipino or otherwise. Me? I was just happy with their humongous mound of bacon.

Even further up is the Solstice Sun Lounge on the rooftop, where you’ll find the bar, bistro, and pool. The area looks nice in the day as it offers a good view of Boracay, but it really comes alive at night not just because of the after-hour parties, but also for the ambient lighting.

How to end an afternoon at the beach
The writing doesn’t seem to faze them.
The bar and bistro at night

The pool isn’t that big, but then again, neither is the hotel, so I guess one compliments the other. The deepest end was about 6 feet, I think, and there were enough lounge chairs to go around (not that we were worried, since we were the only ones using the pool most of the time).

The staff was pretty friendly and accommodating, although they did forget to put the extra bed in our room (we were too tired to remind them so two of us just shared one double). To make guests feel extra special upon check-in, they serve welcome drinks and provide coupons for complimentary cocktails from the bar and a discount card for food and drinks at their partner establishment Epic.

It was an overall pleasant stay, though for the rates, it’ll probably be a while before I decide to book there again.

Overall rating:

The Tides Hotel
D’Mall Station 2, Boracay Island


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