And that’s the way the cookies crumble (food review)

Anyone who knows me can testify to my love of baked goods, especially cookies (or biscuits, as they call it in jolly old England), which is why I frequent Marks & Spencer more for the treats than the fashion. But if you’ve been to the M & S food section, you know how expensive their edibles are. Still, I haven’t been able to keep myself from picking up a few morsels from time to time.

I’ve been a long-time fan of their Digestive Biscuits; they’re light and a bit crunchy with just the right amount of sweetness. I hear they’re good for your digestion too, but I don’t really pay attention to all that health crap. All I know is the stuff tastes damn good. For a long time, I’ve only ever had those round biscuits in their plain or chocolate-topped form, mainly because they look to be the most substantial without costing an arm and a leg (at Php135). In fact, it took me a while to give in and buy a pack of their shortbread fingers (Php150 for about a dozen), not that I regretted it: they’re buttery, crunchy, and an absolute delight down to the last crumb.

Since budget constraints have been preventing me from buying everything in the M & S food section, I was pretty excited to receive a bag of their cookies as a gift, and even more excited to find a couple I haven’t tried before: the All Butter Scottish Dark Chocolate Chunk Shortbread and the Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate All Butter Biscuits (whether they base the price on the length of the name, we’ll never know). Inside the bag were also a pack of Dark Chocolate Digestives, which you already know I’m a fan of; and regular Chocolate Chip Cookies, which are pretty good but nothing to write home about.

The stash
The stash

The ABSDCCS were a dream. They smelled buttery (I know, I keep using this word, but there really is no other way to describe them) and dark chocolatey, and the combination of the two flavors was heaven. A bit crunchy without being tough, they crumbled beautifully in my mouth and left me wanting more. I gave a couple to my sister, who couldn’t stop sniffing them while eating. I was ready to bolt the hell out of there in case she erupted into a full-blown foodgasm. They were that good. Each pack of 9 comes at Php200.

All Butter Scottish Dark Chocolate Chunk Shortbread

The best thing about the ECMCABB was that they did deliver what they promised on the box: it was indeed more chocolate than biscuit. The biscuit itself wasn’t really that special, but the chocolate was thick (although the underside of the biscuit was left naked) and substantial enough to put anyone in a cocoa-induced coma. I personally thought the milk chocolate was a tad too sweet, which is why I’m hoping to try the dark chocolate variety next time. For a grand total of Php170, you can get a box of 9.

Extremely Chocolatey Milk Chocolate All Butter Biscuits

I’m not really a milk-and-cookies kind of person unless I’m having Oreos, so I like eating them with a cup or two of coffee, which I’d recommend that you make on the bitter side to offset the sweetness. I still think they’re pretty expensive, but they’re little indulgences I wouldn’t mind making once in a while.

Overall rating (ABSDCCS):

Overall rating (ECMCABB):

Grab a pack at any Marks & Spencer store.


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