Aklan Chronicles, part 5: I keep coming back to Manila

It’s been fun. We’re in the home stretch now.

The best accommodation this side of town
The best accommodation this side of town

DAY 5:

Part 1: Aklan
05:00 – First one up. Get ready for the airport.
05:30 – Everyone else wakes up. Still dark out. Still fresh from last night’s ‘what the fuck’ moment, I go outside for my clothes.
05:31 – Still alive. Squeezing everything into by bag. I don’t remember bringing this much stuff.
06:59 – More last-minute packing. No time for breakfast. Say our goodbyes to the dogs.
07:00Thanks, Mrs. Salazar. Van takes off.
07:30 – Kalibo Airport. Breakfast of champions: coffee and Cheetos.
08:00 – Time to go. ‘Til next time, Aklan.

Time flies. And now, so do we.

Part 2: Manila

09:05 – Plane lands. Pilot announces delayed parking. No worries.
09:20 – We’ve been on the tarmac for 15 minutes now. Getting antsy. A couple of rows away, a baby is crying. Auditory relief c/o Led Zeppelin.
09:35 – Pilot finally parks the plane and we get off. Where the hell’s the bathroom?
09:51 – Looking for a cab that won’t rob us with ridiculous rates. Lousy crooks. Finally find one after 10 minutes.
09:35 – AJ gets off first at Magallanes.
11:09 – Dani’s condo. Drop off our stuff and grab lunch. Riza heads to the mall for some things.
11:20 – Lunch at Burger King. Riza joins us a few minutes later.
11:43 – Siesta time at Dani’s.
12:20 – Con, Riza, and I cab it to the office.
12:43 – Clock into work. Back to the trenches.

927724_666556783412416_256091755_n 2
Making love to the camera


Thanks for following the cold, crazy fun of our five-day R & R (Thanks, Con and Riza, for helping me put this together). For being so patient, please enjoy this complimentary video of our Boracay stay:

Video courtesy of Con Gasmen and AJ Reyes. A little explanation: “Dai” is our little pet name for Riza, who is featured the most in this video, hence the title.


Featured image by Con Gasmen. All images, unless otherwise stated, belong to eatplaylog.wordpress.com. If you want to share them, please include credit and a linkback. Thanks.


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