Aklan chronicles, part 4: Sun, sun, sun, here it comes

Why must you hide from us, sun?  Last chance: come out with your rays up.


06:00 – Morning without sun. Light drizzle.
07:00 – Buffet breakfast. Coffee, bacon, french toast, cereal, juice, coffee. Pure joy.
08:30 – Leave Tides and head to the grotto because Riza wants a photo. Still a bit of rain and some wind. Who cares at this point?
09:00 – Reach the farthest end of Station 1. Is that the sun coming out?
09:30 – Frolicking on the beach. Sun’s definitely out now.
10:30 – No death march along the beach this time. We cut through restaurants in favor of the highway. Even hotter now. Flag down a tricycle to take us back to D Mall.
10:35 – Back at Tides. Lounging by the pool. Munching on nachos and sipping our drinks. An hour before we head back to our rooms, the sun is in full force. Fucker.

A (119)
Striking a holy pose
Just like old times
20140630_111711 2
Through the teeth and over the gums

11:39 – Back at hotel rooms. Showering and getting ready to check out.
12:20 – Check out. Drag ourselves to lunch at Big Mouth.
12:55 – Riza wants a henna tattoo. We walk along the beach to find a tattoo guy (not that it’s hard).
13:00 – Time for souvenir shopping. AJ wants a Boracay shirt for his mom. Lots of walking. No shirt.
13:25 – Tricycle to port.
13:40 – Board the ferry out of the island. Sun’s mocking me. I hate you.
13:50 – Ferry reaches Caticlan. No ride yet.
14:00 – Van arrives. We collapse into it.
16:00 – Mall stop. AJ finally finds a shirt. A Boracay shirt. At a Kalibo mall. Oy.
16:20 – Mercury Drug for (legal) drugs and stuff.
16:50 – Kalibo Airport for more pasalubong. Butterscotch bars. I’m hooked.
18:07 – Stop at Dani’s friend’s house so they can catch up. Driver leaves.
18:32 – Dani drives us home.
18:34 – Back at Dani’s. I hang my wet clothes out the balcony by our room.
18:40 – Dinner is ready. Another feast. Chicken. Giant prawns. More crab. Are we getting slaughtered tomorrow?, I wanted to ask.
19:04 – Baths all around.
19:40 – Hanging out at their outdoor living room. Puto and wine.

It’s a wonder we didn’t gain 50 pounds during those five days
DSC_0457 2
Melting into the couch after a long day

===The next few hours are going to be strange as hell. Still baffled myself. Do with them what you will.===

20:00 – Things get weird. Noises. Sounds like tick, tick, tick, tick.
20:15 – A new noise. Feet shuffling on the ground. In the dark area behind the house. Behind us.
20:20 – Things get weirder. Dogs going crazy. Barking, falling quiet, barking again.
20:25 – More noises. Flapping wings this time. Not animal, Dani said. Hmm.
20:45 – I go to the kitchen for coffee. Dani follows, then says a woman just ran by us. I saw no one. Thanks, Dani.
22:10 – Killing time by scaring each other. Con is freaking out over Riza’s weird demeanor.
22:38 – We fall in line to go upstairs. They make me go first. Cowards. From upstairs, something shoots past our legs. Con flips out. Just a cat. Hysterical.
23:10 – Settle into bed, joking about what just happened. What did happen? Not really sure. Good night. Try not to look out the window right next to the bed.


Had enough? Don’t worry; last part‘s coming up.


Featured image by AJ Reyes. All images, unless otherwise stated, belong to eatplaylog.wordpress.com. If you want to share them, please include credit and a linkback. Thanks.


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